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swift civils

conquered a lot of bureaucracy today. so i figured i'd have lots of time to knit, but no. surprisingly everything went quite smoothly. in the evening i did finally do the toe of one toddler sock and finished the other pair. exciting days, no?

vandaag een hoop bureaucratie overwonnen. ik had verwacht heel veel breitijd te zullen hebben, maar niets was minder waar. tot mijn verrassing ging het allemaal nogal vlot. 's avonds heb ik eindelijk alsnog de teen van een peutersok gedaan en het andere paar afgemaakt. spannende tijden he?

redt hzg op 1 juni

[the following is a prefixed text concerning the same magazine i mentioned below]
[het onderstaande is een vaste tekst die we zo breed mogelijk willen verspreiden. neem 'm over op je eigen blog!]

De uitgever van het tijdschrift Handwerken zonder Grenzen is failliet.
Dit prachtige en unieke blad lijkt daardoor gedoemd te verdwijnen.
Als abonnees en toekomstig abonnees willen we dit toch zomaar niet laten gebeuren?! Laat daarom op vrijdag 1 juni van je horen! Plaats je reactie bij het actiebericht op tijm.blogspot.com.

Geef dit bericht door aan zoveel mogelijk belanghebbenden en belangstellenden, ook mensen die geen internet hebben (plaats namens hen de reactie).
Hoe meer reactie, hoe meer abonnees, hoe meer kans we maken dat het blad wel kan blijven bestaan!

De actie heeft twee doelen:
Allereerst willen we als abonnees aangeven dat we gedupeerd zijn door het stoppen van het tijdschrift (velen hebben geld betaald maar zullen er geen nummers voor terug ontvangen). Daarnaast willen we laten weten dat we niet zonder Handwerken zonder Grenzen kunnen en graag willen dat het tijdschrift door zal gaan, in de vorm zoals het nu wordt uitgegeven.

Maar het is ook belangrijk dat mensen die nog geen abonnee zijn en dit wel willen worden, van zich laten horen. Zo kan een toekomstige uitgever zien dat er echt een markt voor het tijdschrift is. Dit kan vrijdag op een speciale manier aangeven worden.

For my non-Dutch readers: The Netherlands have only one real ‘fancywork’ magazine. It writes about all kind of techniques (embroidery, knitting, crochet), old or new, Dutch or foreign and keeps us informed about exhibitions and other interesting crafting things. It is a beautiful and luxurious bimonthly. In the blooming and booming crafting world more and more people have or want a subscription and the magazine is flourishing. It now appears that the publisher is bankrupt due to mismanagement with other magazines. We try to save the magazine. Express your adherence to this action on Friday 1 June on Tijm's weblog.

[thanks to yvonnep whose words i hijacked]

redt hzg!

[ a message in dutch, concerning the rescue effort for a disappearing popular magazine on textiles ]

de zeergewaardeerde tijm heeft het voortouw genomen in een lezersactie voor het prachtblad handwerken zonder grenzen. hzg is populair en heeft naar verluidt een gezond abonneebestand. helaas is de uitgever ten onder, en het blad daarmee ook. tijm en vele anderen stellen een doorstart voor bij een andere uitgever.

om gegadigde uitgevers te enthousiasmeren willen de lezers laten weten hoezeer ze het blad waarderen. tijm laat op haar blog weten wat jij kunt doen om je steentje bij te dragen.

edit: en dat is: laat a.s. vrijdag 1 juni van je horen op het blog van tijm. hoe meer mensen aangeven interesse in het blad te hebben hoe sterker de actie voor de doorstart!


a good place to knit is the dentist's office. especially when you have a scared beloved who needs you to come with. while his teeth were being cleaned by the oral hygienist i knit half a toddler sock. wow. i almost found it a pity that he was done.

poor baby

knitting gift sockies for others is all very nice. but yesterday i discovered my dearest not-so-baby girl has suddenly outgrown all her remaining socks. quite a few pairs seem to have been eaten by the sock monster too. must have had to do with all these travels in the past few months, because i tend to keep a tight grip on these things. anyway, winter has arrived really swiftly here and we can't have a toddler with no socks. prevalence!


it's not too easy to knit whilst being a temporary single parent. especially when a 1,5 year old wishes to help you. somehow it's easier to sneak in a couple of pages of letters. so i did read a book, but i haven't knit much this week. the future looks better though as reading is socially difficult in company, knitting much better suited.

on steam

raaaah, still on the winning streak! another one down the dust. quite literally because this f.o. is a pair of socks. simple opal lollipop, nothing difficult. one sock has been worn already. now i'll wear the other one for a few evenings so they can enter the laundry and the washing machine together.

i'm quite content with all the finishing going on. i didn't even mind unpicking the murphy cardigan's collar - i gave it quite some length but in wearing it turned out it's still not quite long enough to fall down properly. now i'm using the same lollipop sock yarn to cast on a new sock. a small one, promised to a cute little girl i don't even know personally. that's what distance does to you.

then again, that will be another one off the to do list. wow, am i decluttering or what?

going hatty

nearly finished amy's parachute hat and ripped it - but when will i ever learn that i should not cut any threads before deciding? anyway. halfway knitting i did ponder my experimenting would most likely require a re-knit, so i was already at peace with that almost difficult moment.

nothing fancy going on, most of the experimenting was rather simple. along the lines of suddenly going back and forth instead of round, which is the only way to go when doing intarsia. but i did have that "duh!" moment once again(!) when i arrived at the new row and it dawned on me that the colour's thread end was on the other end of the colour block.

did make a few mistakes though, mainly to do with messing up the decreases. the other reason for starting (all) over is that i wasn't happy with the roll up brim. so here we go again. fondling rowan cashsoft, what a punishment.

murphy's baby cardigan

last january we suddenly could go and visit family and friends in europe after all. so i swifty started a cute little cardigan that was to be my on the road project. hopefully it would last the two weeks. well it did, mostly because everything you can think of went wrong. there were reasons, ofcourse. mostly along the lines of: knitted much too far because engaged in conversation, then trying to avoid ripping, thus inventing new model.

this can only be done so often. i laid the cardi aside on coming home in seething summer. when i picked it up again a while ago, on the onset of autumn, other things started to go wrong too. silly little things. of the irritating kind. like casting off the hem along the good side of the work. had to restart a few times because it was too tight. when i finally got it right i discovered, about ten stitches before the end, that i was working in the wrong side after all (another reason to hate reverse stockinette).

one side of the front wasn't the same height as the other and when that was corrected, it took some major fiddling to let the button holes make sense. and of course, while attaching the buttons i ran out of matching yarn.

anyway. it is done, tomorrow some light blocking follows and if i'm lucky the baby merino won't even felt. knock on wood.

it's cute though.

sock hat

before i forget: here's the little sock hat for my cold toes. very nice after dark (6pm) as it gets cold quickly then.

warmer toes

got my new plaster today, a fixed one this time (at first i had a sort of splint system in order to give the pre- and post-op swellings some room). and finished the sock/hat for my toes. naturally it's too wide as the first cast was a lot wider than this sleek final one... but it will do for now. it keeps my toes at an ok temperature and that's what it was all about. pic to follow.