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alea iacta est

like i mentioned before, even designer cookie a. never got round to making a second pomatomus sock after she sent in the design to knitty.

so i didn't feel tooooo bad about me taking forever to finish them. however i got really fed up with them lying around for ages. every time i picked them up i would knit five, maybe ten rows... and be really bored.

but. i have persisted. and: it. is. done. pomatomii are finished.
what a relief, most of all. pride may come later.

order, order

we'll be away for most of the next week (though i expect full computer access) so i thought i'd do a virtual dive in the ufo closet as i don't yet have the stamina for an irl dive. as i am still fully in the finishing and stash busting spirit i might as well take advantage. let's lug the ufos with instead of starting things that just cause "what's that?" questions.

so on hold in my blog software i found:
- a thin tweed cardigan. three years old and irony has it that the size is wayyy different from my current size. however the (slender) beloved has had a long term interest in it so i might as well surrender and finish it for him.
- a grey/blue striped sock that my brother didn't like. i'm thinking i may make wrist protectors from it as the crutches chafe. there's also an orangey striped sock that's already an official ap (abandoned project) but not yet ripped that may end up as those.
- a quickie cardigan for daughter, back panel was so big i set it aside for autumn. which is now.
- la pièce de résistance, a sahara coloured cardigan i want so much i get over anxious about it. i want it to be perfect and brilliant and nothing less. as the current standings are that i had to fiddle with the pattern and it's in between everything, i'm thinking hard to rip the entire work and to start all over, making the blanche-neige jacket instead. no ruffles, no beads, but the jacket i crave.

then there are all those current wips, all close to finishing so let's get on with it.
- daughter's little merino cardigan in hard pink, 85% done.
- the yawn inducing but oh so pretty pomatomus, half way the last foot if my own admin is to be believed.
- the current on the road socks that have been otr for so long i'm getting bored. a heel and a foot and it's over with.
- amy's hat, just a matter of putting a piece of rectangular paper on another hat to see what size that chute should be. needs to get finished before i invent another ten thousand possibilities.
- two other hats resulting from startitis, both just a brim at the moment.

the list of things i need to start before i do the inventions of last week:
- jersey for nephew wouter (6) and
- jersey for nephew hylke (4 by the time i get around to it). their eldest brother has his and i bought their yarn a year ago. little boys grow quickly so i'd better hurry.
- stuff for dana's book. i know exactly what i want to make (and that's not all too usual) but haven't gotten around to actually writing it out and test knitting it.

and then, maybe then, i'll start that doll. or those twenty socks i like but don't need. or another cardigan, because up to now i never finished one. or maybe spin again and make something from that. we'll see. anyway, to knit from stash for a year is not nearly as difficult as it may seem to others.

knitted ribbon

in the meantime my pain killer befuddled brain and i decided on a hair band, as the only functional one i had went missing in between sunday's skydive and my return home. as if i didn't have any wips that scream to be taken up. anyway. in the olden days when i had long hair i used to pick a nice ribbon at the haberdashery and make that into a hair band. oddly enough this is the first time ever i thought i might as well knit one. i mean, after 35+ years of knitting. see what your first ever bone break can achieve, eh?

as i am too fogged upstairs to think up something myself i chose the basis of knitty's coronet to go with the last bit of some purple rowan cashsoft. which by the way was even more obnoxious than me. i had to rewind it three times before it remained a workable ball!

huff puff

hardly any textile activity here as i need to write an essay and have forbidden myself any fun as long as that still hasn't been finished. all old demons are back, ambition and fear of failure heading them. dragging my feet...

lion scarves

i wondered whatever happened to that trafalgar square lion scarf thingie, so i went and looked up their blog.

though i didn't find a mention of any south african contributions arriving i did run into a picture of someone laura sewing up my little addition. hurray! it did arrive!

flying hat

despite my winning the detanglement challenge (after four days) the intended hat is put on hold. what is it with hats these days? they seem to be all i make! instead after much deliberation i thought up the hat for amy, our free fall instructor. it's the 'in' thing to say "blue skies!" so it's in light blue. it will sport her red canopy on top, rectangular so the execution is a bit of a thinker for a round object. afterwards i'll add little ropes to make it look like a more proper parachute. husband said i should add cells too - the nine compartments that make up a canopy. i'm not so sure that would look nice so that idea is taken down for an afterthought.

flamingo flown off

easter holidays brought jayne to our snb meet unexpectedly. great to see her; since she works full time her available times tend to collide with mine. as it happened i had put the 60g piece of dyed flamingo in my knit bag (the 40g piece is on the wheel) to get it out of the way and i showed it off. after all, it was her corriedale donation that was subjected to the experiment. apparently she liked it because i never got it back :)


it may have been the nerves (of sitting on a skydiving course) - last saturday i had one of the most dramatic non-pull balls of my life. i started to look for the beginning within the ball, couldn't find it, pulled out a small clot, no sign of the beginning, looked for it at the other end and things got worse and worse.

so for three days now i've spent much of my sparse free moments detangling. i will win, of course. as long as my canopies don't do this i'm not fazed by a mere ball of wool...

the hat i intended to knit as a thank you for a friend will have to wait though.