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kool aid

finally found the time to do the kool aid thing. the results are not bad. the cherry is a bit pinkish, less saturated than intended but that's not bad, as it is meant to compensate a too dark yarn. what i like is that it's variegated, i was trying to avoid a solid colour. the not so good news is that despite all my efforts a tad of felting seems to have occured, as far as one can determine this on yarn that isn't dry yet. pics later as it's much too dark now.

not a good start

measured out that for now, 100g should do as the yarn it has to go with is just 50g. the instructions tell me to wash the wool lightly in mild soap. that full pack of handwash soap in the cupboard turns out to be absolutely empty. maybe the domestic was too shy to inform me she used up the entire carton for her own stuff. not that i mind, i just mind things being finished when i need them.

while i measure out the 100g it turns out to be much much more than can fit in the designated bowl. in the meantime husband decides to start cooking. good idea, but i'm being gently elbowed out of the kitchen. the soapy water i crafted with generic washing powder is being washed away before i can blink my eyes.

i've hand dyed clothes before, very successfully i may add. but my kool aid wool dyeing is not under lucky stars. let's see how we fare tomorrow...

slo pomo

in one of those bouts of must-finish i've picked up the pomatomii once again. for a long time now i fully understand why designer cookie a confessed a while ago that she only ever made one and never got round to doing the second sock. this is typically a project that's all about the result... the process itself is te-di-ous. i think it's because there isn't any time where a bit of straight ahead knitting can be done. every single stitch is one to think about and it bores me to tears. however, i've done 1,5 sock so there is really only one way to go.


yvonnep's advice was excellent, as ever.

tonight i've seen michael palin's himalaya, ladette to lady and two installments of eastenders. did many other things in the meantime, but the chemo cap in variegated pale green is finished.

see, i hardly ever watch tv, so i had to be reminded.

sideway marketing

some aftershocks of hobby-x - i really enjoyed helping out. the expo was just the right size to not get exceedingly tired and we had enough people to be able to chat a bit with other people too. like yarn producer saprotex, who have just started to import opal yarns and were delighted to see me knit an opal sock.

the opal marketing is a bit erratic though. like i heard before about another country, the tutto factory just send out their stuff in german. maybe that's a bit short sighted. so saprotex has now four knitters individually working on a translation of the sideways sock pattern. and i, said the fool, offered to try my hand on it as well. thanks to dutch yarn hero wolhalla who already translated it to my mother tongue, making my efforts a whole lot easier.

beanie bore

i'm doing one of those donated kiddie hat kits. apart from me not liking pale green, not even in this variegated form - i had forgotten how long it takes to knit something boring! it takes forever to go around the 100 stitches...

expo joy

hobby-x was a blast. we sold a fair amount of kits, making money for choc. seven or eight people even donated kits: they did not feel like knitting them up themselves, or had no urge to learn how to, bought the kit and asked us to do the knitting. we gladly obliged.

especially on the friday we heard many stories of people's personal reasons for wanting to do a chemo cap. many sad stories, some survivors. it was interesting anyhow to see all those different people. schoolgirls from the province, township women looking for a way to improve their income, bored old white ladies, some men pretending just to look at the more testosterone-filled areas.

expo audience is always easily divided, on the friday you have the interested people, on the saturday the families who seek to be entertained (and the ones who really can't make it any other day), on the sunday the bored ones, the bargain hunters and the pinchers. they deem you don't need your stuff any more as it's the last day, so they might as well give it a new destination.

hobby-x was no exception. so dana rightfully wondered on sunday around noon whether her demo hat in variegated orange had already disappeared in someone's pocket. i was happy to inform her that the day before a 25yo photographer was so smitten with it that she was gladly charged 50 rand or 2,5 times the material cost. all proceeds to go to cancer research.

chemo cap drive

because my organizing knit mates had kept me out of the wind when i had guests over, i had not quite gotten the grasp of our presence at the hobby-x. sure sure, promoting stitch n' bitch joburg is always a good cause. anyway, it turns out we have this huge cooperation with craftwise magazine, getting part of their stand and all. i knew there was this big piece about a childrens' chemo cap drive in the newest issue. i had also heard gail and 'our' lys owner brainstorm about kits.

so when i finally added it all up it came to this: we're promoting the chemo cap drive by sitting and knitting. and by enticing people to buy a sponsored kit, consisting of a ball of either rowan cashsoft or vinnis nikkim hand dyed cotton plus two hat patterns and a coupon for 'our' lys arthur bales. the proceedings of the kits go to cancer research. then, people can either keep their hats or send them in for a sick child. the latter entitles them to partake in a prize draw where bernina gives away a steam press every two months, no less. it runs for a year! i thought only the one magazine. and... it's up to us to provide a new hat pattern every two months. you guessed right: in three months it's my turn. oops.


quick quick i'm in a hurry as usual: on to hobby-x, a crafts expo something in the dome in northgate. our steadfasty snb organizer has kept the info to a minimum this time, and due to guests i had no time to ask. so virtually all i know is to show up this morning and call a friend on arrival for she is to have the entry pass. tomorrow afternoon similar, though i don't know at what time.

headrest, finally

the headrest cover has been declared finished. of course it fits awfully as i have not managed to keep track of my stitches. however, it serves the purpose and i really, really wanted to be done with it!it will be filed under 'finished but unsuccessful'. it's not half as cheerful as intended and it doesn't look stylish either. the only thing that does work is that it keeps my hair from entangling in the nylon headrest. ah well. that was indeed the objective. hrm. a project for future improvement - in thin cotton or something.