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time flies

hey dear people, sorry for lack of blogs, we're very busy with overseas guests. in the meantime i do knit and spin as time permits, doggedly going on in a heatwave. does make one feel rather silly though, knitting socks at +36°c. the headrest covers might be reduced to just one as to permit venting of frustration before i ever get an idea like that again. one will do for now... we'll see.

fluff trouble

the plumé is a battle indeed. it's impossible to see what you're doing. and it has some surprising effects i somehow did not notice while swatching. most importantly, it s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-s like mad when knit on larger needles. i decided to cast on some 20% less stitches than calculated. after i knit most of a ball, test number one came up no less than a third too wide..!

which is a bit of a nuisance on a headrest cover. even with an optional elastic band for hiding this cockup it would still fly onto the back seat with the aircon power we need these days.

frogged it. opted to spend the evening spinning instead of casting on again.
by the way, i currently drive around with a towel on the headrest. not good for quick quick rush hour lane changes as it blocks sideways/backwards sight a little, but brilliant against the continuous snagging at my hair.

keep on turning

a basket full of wips, some almost done. but they are on hold for the moment as i have indulged in spinning the recently acquired red roving. i put aside the tussah silk (yvonnep, that's the bulky stuff that lets the worm survive - ruwe zijde) that had been on the wheel for a while. lovely lovely results but quite a task to spin; not recommended when your mind is brimming over.

then i picked up some of jayne's twelve step rainbow to get started again. it just makes me happy to see the colours change all the time... yes, i have a simple mind. i took a piece of where the orange changes to blue, a nice aubergine colour. at first it looked a bit bland but once spun it fit absolutely brilliant with the red roving i picked up after it, so i'll blend more of it in.

kip at wits

to my great pride i've conquered the system and am now officially a student. i'm very happy about this as it will take at least two more years before we obtain permanent residency and thus my craved work permit.

enrolment took many long hours of queuing in several very hot halls (at the height of summer) so my sockie has lenghtened quite a bit. not sure if i was the first kip'per ever at wits, but it felt nicer than reading. and praise students for their open minds (or indifference?) as i met a surprisingly low amount of negative looks.


here's one of the two balls of opal sock yarn i couldn't resist. they were on sale, how could i not?these are the two i bought yesterday. the monet on the right didn't come out too well in the picture; it looks like the paintings. the plumé on the left is to become car headrest covers. i've already found that working with it is a minor drama as it's virtually impossible to see what you're doing. i've seen this kind of yarn being recommended to beginners, because it looks nice. how cruel! they will never learn to enjoy the process of knitting with this stuff. it must be very frustrating to learn a new skill blindfolded.here are the reds. the best and the worst... on the bottom right is the sankt moritz, over twenty years old, used for the toilet lady art project. yep, there's more of it, alas. functions well as acme household rope though. on the left the opal marienkäfer (ladybird). in the middle the stuff i went to the shop for: dyed merino in more shades of red than the pic shows. i almost chose the red/pink roving but decided it should be boring for daughter having to wear pink all the time. i want her to wear more colours than south african mores prescribes.

well behaving

aaah it's good to be back. 'twas a joy to see my snb ladies this morning, if only for a short session from my side. i heard the (first) saturday session of last weekend was a blast! great to hear as we previously organized lots of things as per request which subsequently drew no attendance at all.

on top of that it's the annual sale at our preferred dealer's. this was one of the two exceptions i made in my knit from stash promise - the trip to europe and the sale at arthur bales'. and i'm proud of myself, i behaved very well. in europe i only bought two balls of opal sock yarn and, what i had been looking forward to, a ball of very nicely coloured merino roving for spinning.

today at arthur bales i took three balls of elle monet, in the colours of his waterlily garden painting, for a jersey for the baba. i had been eyeing this stuff ever since last winter, just after we had her. then some plumé for an acute project; some more pimping of car to follow. my hair keeps tangling in the polyester of my headrest which is highly annoying. it feels as if a little squid sits behind me to pull my hair. so i'm making some headrest covers (i wanted to write antimakassar but those are just the cloths, not all-around covers).

and that's it, stashwise. i got me five or six of those brilliant bamboo circs and i stocked up on the cedar moth closet thingies, but those don't count...


so i went to moem's and had a wonderful time at the do she and her man organized for me. thanks luvvies. per their request i brought my fugliest yarn for a project. i had no clue what they needed, they had just asked for a wip. any wip.

turns out their art filled quarters were in need of one. first off, you need to know what a toilet lady is. not all cultures have them. in the netherlands it's a lady of lower class descent, sitting at a table in front of the bathroom facilities of pubs, dance halls and the like. they are a rare breed nowadays. the one basic 'ingredient' of her table is a saucer. this is where to put your quarter after you've enjoyed use of the facilities. (btw this was a great source of confusion after the euro conversion, as their was no one-coin equivalent for the 1/4 guilder!)apologies for the sore quality of this light-starved phone pic

moem &co live in a former office building that houses appropriate toilet facilities. in front of those the current inhabitants have put a table. the saucer. some coins on it. a cleaning product under the table, just a grip away. a little pot plant next to the saucer.

one thing lacked, they said. the table was in urgent need of a wip. something that looked as if the toilet lady just went off for a sec and would be back any moment.

in the short time available i made them a piece the width of a kids' sweater. looks as if a toiletjuffrouw would make it, though baby stuff in pale pastels is their speciality. it sports a cable combi that i would immediately rip and redo given half a chance. a fine example of an on the spot improvement that had better not hatched. the rest of it is quite appropriate in my view. made on an 8mm circ from a 20+ years old sankt moritz: red/white/green tweed that is mostly used as acme rope in this household.

decoratively it will look better on straights, but i couldn't bring those all the way. moem mentioned she scored some needles at the second hand so that will improve the looks of the installation.

sheesh. my fugliest yarn and a nasty squeeky plastic needle... we made art. what a way to bust the stash!

to rock or not to rock

what say you, join the socks that rock or not? i pre-subscribed after stephanie's marketing, but will i have time? will the stuff arrive at all or will sa post find new recipients? it seems very nice, but $40 a package is still quite a lot of money. worth it, you think?

in the meantime i compulsively started another sock. had bought 15cm bamboos 2,5 and a week later some sale opal lollipop. the baby cardigan's arm needs more focus than i could muster. i just couldn't not do a sock.