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it's official: i am unable to follow a pattern. writing one is something else; following is just not it. up to now the baby cardigan has seen three different occasions where i just didn't read well, nor remember properly, or unknowingly did something different anyway. even though i tried my hardest i have had to rip 3cm and 5cm on different occasions. all in all i think i finished the thing already measured in amount of knitting. despite that i'm just at 60% currently.

however the pattern is still remarkably close to the original. it now has a hip asymetric button band and part of the neck line is still under consideration. i decided not to do anything but stockinette on the back, for fear of having to rip even more.

pink murders

travelling, so reading is out. i do get to knit more than expected. i did not bring much to work on as i expect to buy stuff here. current wip is the baby cardigan; its halfway. have been fiddling with the button holes, trying to figure out what size would fit the chosen buttons. just when another murder was to be committed on mum in law's telly in between conversation so concentration wasn't optimal. an hour earlier i had to rip 3cm of left side flap because i remembered the wrong size. many rows on these needles.

pink is not my preferred colour for baby girls... it just happens to suit her very well. and from the four colours available in south african baby clothing (powder pink, baby blue, pale yellow, mint green) only the first two make any sense.

on saturday i am to knit something hideous for moem's office palace. stoneshop and herself have some decoration in mind is my guess, i don't know yet. i brought my fugliest yarn.

bamboo love

did i tell you about my new bamboo circs? wow. they are brilliant. the brand is elle, they are new at our local dealer's, they knit like a dream and they cost nothing. nothing i tell you. dana tried to set up a mass clover import to obtain some for a not too ridiculous price when suddenly (or to me it was sudden) jonathan of arthur bales came up with these new needles on our weekly knit session. i needed a 3,5mm to take on the plane and to get rid of the straights i had been using for the baby cardigan. man, am i in love. i like them a lot more than my clovers. smoother, a lot more supple. to top it off - they cost around a euro each. that's so little it makes a frugal dutch girl giggle with disbelief. just last week i bought a set of dpns that cost me a small fortune compared to that. elle bamboos rock big time!

waving the flag

our snb group is preparing to contribute to the londen snb trafalgar project. they intend to wrap all four lions on the square of that name in a loooooong scarf by the end of feb. then the scarf will be auctioned off and the proceedings go to cancer research. which, like 'our' gail from snb joburg remarked pointedly, we all benefit from.

i've been working on a sa flag. i fancy the idea that our contribution to this megaproject can be spotted from afar. also, the largest contingent of expat seffricans live in london so it might give them a feeling of warmth as well! on top of that trafalgar square is the place where a statue of madiba, nelson mandela, will arise. and that is because the south african embassy is on that same square. what more reason can one need?

it was initiator gail (sorry, blogless) again who thought up the nice idea of all our group's work being in the same colours as the flag, adding some more flags but also solid-coloured pieces, stripes and whatnot. gail likes her stuff coordinated and i think this will work out just fine.

the flag itself is a pain by the way. too many simultaneous colours! sheesh, what work for a poor girl who has had only a very easy three colour flag during most of her life so far. red on top, white in the middle and blue at the bottom. that's it. while i find the south african flag a real beauty, knitting it will not be my new favourite hobby.

of course i was being my frugal self again, not wanting to cut off random ends of yarn for the sake of working ease. so it got quite a tangled mess. moss stitch may not have been the best choice for colourwork, but i like it's non-curling sturdiness and durability for this project.


here's the polkadot picture. i do think it needs a couple more dots, now that i see it from a bit of a distance. so far i've merely been worried whether it would fit.

the dots have been elusive. at first i tried intarsia. it looked fugly! that had a lot to do with the green yarn being thinner than the other two colours, despite it being the same brand and type. so then i tried swiss darning (mazen), which also was disappointing to say the least. the dots now exist of chain stitch, the one that looks like casting on crochet.

as you may see i made a nice little corrugated rib at the foot. unfortunately the recipient is a lot smaller than my brain thought, so currently the rib's part of the seam. last thing to do now is put a serious elastic band in the waist. the legs are okay but the waist is much too wide! looks funny though, in a good way.

when the temps drop you'll probably get to see a pic of baba inside the garment sooner or later. for now it was a bit cruel to put them on and photograph the winter trousers in the blasting heat.

straight away

this is how the straightlaced socks turned out. kinda nice, the busy colours have a bit of air to breathe. i did not; it's not funny to photograph thick socks (at 8 am) in 30°c!

two fo's, practically

polkadot trousers have been finished for days now, just need to do a couple extra dots so no pic yet. straightlaced socks need one toe, but i have to take a good look at how i solved it with the other when i had knitted much too far. so while we still had visitors last night i quickly started a new pair of the brainless category.

should start a hat. promised the pattern for a magazine. i know exactly what it will look like when done. many maths involved though, swatching too as it's homespun and i haven't a clue what the gauge will be. most importantly... to locate the yarn. our removal is more or less sorted out as far as the unpacking is concerned, but the non-daily stuff is still mostly in the phase where it sits in the correct room, waiting for a new cupboard or time to put it away properly.


look see, a challenge based on a plan i already had. makes it a lot easier to keep up. and they have cool rules. like sock wool doesn't count (*smirk*), handspun doesn't count... the two main factors that cause my stash to grow.

since i have no yarn fest in october, probably due to inverted seasons, i start a little later than wendy &co. maybe i will then be able to stick to this for the entire year..?