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so it's back to candle light knitting. the many thunderstorms of the rainy season make the power go off quite frequently (but only during these few months). usually it's back in an hour, maybe two. every now and then it takes almost a day and today is a day like that. i guess all the mechanics are off for the holidays. we spent the morning in the mall and now that the baba's off to bed we are back to the generator for laptop and router power.

will knit a lot soon, most likely, as we are finally able to visit europe. it's in three weeks already so any wips gaining fo status will be helpful! it's winter over there so we will certainly be cold.


sometimes there's a website to keep in your browser for several days. you don't remember how you got there, you just enjoy the site.

this is one of those. most of the yarn is sold by now, but isn't is stunning? so inspirational!


oi, it's the nederlass who tagged me. so now is the time to expose my weirdnesses. you can still click away.

the rules: "Each player of this game starts with the 'Six weird things about you'. People who get tagged need to write a blog post of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says 'you are tagged' in their comments and tell them to read your blog."

hah! six people to tag? everyone i know has already been hit. so you know what - if this shoe fits you, please comment so we know where to find yours. hey, it's okay to skip along the rules. mj didn't even tell her victims they were tagged.

while i fit many other peculiarities mentioned, especially the first four tijm sums up, i tried to think up new ones. a tad too enthusiastically helped by the beloved.

1- i don't cook. the bbc used to have this wonderful gameshow called can't cook won't cook. i fit both categories. (tactics applied: i married a former chef)

2- i have a strong visual view of the world, leading to irritating habits like spotting spelling mistakes from a distance. just because it doesn't look like it should, entirely visual, without having read the text.

3- i can fly. due to lack of money at the time i never got around to actually doing the exams for the private pilot license but i was rather good at the technique of flying a small aircraft.

4- i used to be a mensa board member. now that's weird, hey? they say leading mensans is like herding cats. that is very true.
in general i love being on boards, especially when volunteering. when i get involved in a cause and spend much of my time and efforts i might as well have something to say about the direction we're going.

5- i have a problem with being on time. it honestly doesn't have anything to do with disregard for other people. besides an old thing about my überpunctual dad and a perpetual lack of planning i'm just scared being at the wrong place or the wrong day or whatever (happened lots of times); if i'm not the first one i'll spot the others and know i'm ok. i don't mind being alone at all, i just hate missing a group yet again. good news: that time thing is mellowing with age.

6- i seem to have a talent to see common ground between two disagreeing parties. it often surprises me that not everyone does. so i chose to be trained a mediator. that's a conflict resolutionist. they do not solve conflicts but coach the parties to a solution they devise themselves.

phone cover

it's not all that easy to get a good picture. either it's dark or there are little pirates with very quick fingers.

slick phone, silk sachet

got this brand new super slick phone. asked for a certain version then mr.n found the newer version while in dubai. i'm not complaining here. for several days we've been touring shops for a proper cover to protect the poor thing. no such luck, it's too new a model they tell us. wow.

so tonight i made up my mind about the solution and whipped up a little cover for it with a ball of dana's yarn (knit mate who still doesn't have a website for her beautiful oddballs stuff). it's made from silk scraps spun into yarn, mostly a purple red with lots of other colours. thickness varying wildly. knitted it rather tightly to be protective enough. done in a few hours.

(never got around to much knitting while visiting ofcourse, politely socializing with a bunch of new people. and keeping an eye on daughter (well recovered, thank you) takes one's mind off the needles most of the time. never mind.)

summer hibernation

have been home alone with sick daughter and only half unpacked removal. have knitted by and about two whole rows on my sock. wonder how christmas will be, knitwise. the signs are good though, we spend boxing day with a knitting friend...


now there's an incentive to empty some more relocation boxes: sock one is done. now on my way to try and find yarn ball number two... somewhere in the huge towers of boxes... i think i'll do some more silk spinning first, no? (not very portable though)

over achiever

in the best tradition of meetup mistakes - you know the idea: distracted by good company and interesting conversations you make horrendous mistakes in your knitting - i have just measured my sock in progress.

it is no less than 3,5cm (1,5') too long. i should have started the toe the day before yesterday...

snb meetup

i'm off to the joburg snb meet. i had to miss the last two and have been ordered to appear... but wanted to go anyway as it is the last one before the summer recess. everyone is going out of town for christmas.
happy to have my simple sockie at hand so i will be able to knit a bit.


i still owe you a pic of the nephew with the ice blue jersey. dear joris is still happy with the result even though it took most of a year to receive the garment.(phone picture by husband)
it also goes to show one should block presents. anyway, i heard he will probably be able to wear it for a year or so and i'm really happy with that.

moving sock

moving house was a drama. the moving company deemed one day sufficient for packing and moving. so the crew that turned up at 9:45 got the fright of their lives. we did not even leave the old house before 7 pm. the straight laced sock progressed really well in between the endless child minding.

same but different

the online supersocke 100 isn't behaving. i'm not sure what the problem is but i got quite convinced it does not want to become a sock. this was the second sock pattern i tried with it and again it's pooling. so to the side with it. on to the scheepjes invicta coloris it is.

funny thing is, that yarn has been used on an abandoned project involving... two circs. i really do hate working on two circs (so astrid - the answer is: no way!) and the pattern i had made up did not work out all that nice, because the yarn turned out a lot darker than i had estimated. the good news? i had not frogged yet. this saved me two times fifteen tedious cuff rows, yippee!

the straightlace sock pattern i'm working on seems to have been invented especially to lighten up a sock yarn that is a bit too dominant, so i have high expectations of this super simple lace.