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the pomatomus gets kinda boring after a while, that's the reason i have to do it in stages. and for a long while now i have been itching to cast on a really simple sock, a real on the road sock again. during nanowrimo i would not allow myself but ever since i finished two days ago i have been browsing and judging patterns.

funny to see that i tend to fancy the ones with a bite. for example, i would just love to start on storm op zolder's entrelac sock - entrelack is new to me. but this was to be a brainless project. one that you can do during a relocation, effortlessly put down and pick up in seconds.

the verdict has fallen, it will be the straightlaced socks. on dpns, of course. i have tried and persisted and cursed and worked hard several times, but i really dislike socks on circs. dpns rule!

it fits

a quickie whilst trying to finish nanowrimo -
good news from overseas. joris' jersey fits well they say, with enough ease to make it to at least the end of this winter. and he still likes the colour. pic to follow when the beloved has emptied his phone.
quite a relief!


my beloved pusher knew the answer to my question. i had invented that i would love to try and spin silk. so it seemed smart to first buy some. i asked her about a yarn company or wholesale factory or whatever that we heard from. they supposedly trade in pretoria.

jayne did not know where they are. but she dug into her stash and at this morning's snb she brought me baggies of tussah. of silk. of alpaca. in two colours. and to top it off another big bag of that soft soft merino. aaahhhh. must ask her if she does iv's next time. i love her.


i have a couple of good reasons not to be, but tonight i have thought for a moment it would not hurt to become religious. i'm so glad i could praise a deity. joris' jersey is done!

setting in the last sleeve was of course a very simple task. with a children's garment a rather quick one too. then the zipper had to be put in. i have only recently bought a sewing machine, but just long enough ago to have forgotten the lesson about setting in zippers. it cost me a needle. but that was my own inexperience, as i forgot about that little metal thingie that keeps the bottom of the zip together. darn.

after that i was so happy to be finished i straightened the thing out and wrapped it right away. no photo as yet.

thing is, he has two brothers... who have been waiting even longer.


more car news but different. like i said, we were expecting several people tonight. as the start was set at 6pm and jayne couldn't make it on time, i would bridge the gap and sit there (with baby) from 6 to 7. i left on time at my earlier meeting and drove straight through town in parts where i had never been before. that must have been why i hit a car driving quite fast on a crossing street. turns out he did not have a stop sign, like i thought he did. i had stopped and pulled up and was quite surprised when he sped on.
despite his wife being present i learnt a lot of new words from him.
luckily we hardly touched, though i understand he will claim a whole new bumper. male pride, eh.

worse: except jayne no one turned up at the snb meetup. so it was all in vain!

proceeding to runway

so the snb daytime meet is now weekly. this morning saw a nice turnout! various techniques too; not just beginners but also someone doing a fair isle and several other techniques well beyond the beginner's stuff.

due to all sorts of very good reasons i was late this morning. i had blissfully forgotten about the shop window. by the time i arrived gail had done all the work. all i had to figure out was how to get a 4x4 wheel home, because that bliss included forgetting my having to bring a strap to tie the wheel to the rack on the back of my car. now i wrought it in between the child seat (which got quite dirty) and the driver seat. hmm. a nasty smell of rubber in the almost-summer heat.

we have the impression jonathan is still happy about snb. we are happy about the promo week, seeing today's turnout and expecting several people tomorrow night. might we finally have liftoff?

promo pics!

first off the two people who made it happen; jonathan bales and gail (who probably doesn't like her last name broadcasted). they are watching anthony (whose last name i can't remember) demoing a technique his mother taught him. he makes fluffy rectangles with pompoms.the shop window looked like thisand inside, a table full of stuff with the appropriate yarn gave a very nice look at little projects people can do easily to get (back) into knitting. you may also see part of the huge collection of yarns. rumour has it it's the largest and best sorted in joburg.

promo success

the snb promo at the lys was a success. gail did a tremendous amount of work pulling it off; jayne and i tried to come and sit and be accessible as often as we could. several other (non-snb) knit friends turned up as recruited by gail. it seems they caved in and will become snb'ers too, partly because a different group is struggling to find a direction the majority of the members like.

today i had a second dedicated sock learner, which i found enchanting. as people here are very much of the wait-and-see persuasion compared to western europeans, i was pleasantly surprised by the amount of enthusiastic people all over. we will now hold the daytime meet every week, to get as much out of the momentum we created here. hopefully the meetup for working people will soon go in that same direction too.

i have the impression it worked well for the shop too, in sales and in response in general. the shop window won't be taken down until wednesday, so my car will look naked for half a week longer.

surprise of the day: my socks and i have been invited to take part in an art exhibit that is to be held some time in the future. i'm mightily pleased.