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spot the differences

not yet finished, but i do have time to take a pic today:well spotted! congratulations on your sharp eyes. the one on the right does indeed have a pocket!

candlelight skirt

nico thought it was a good idea to have his ballpoint pen washed. luckily it only influenced the shirt it was in and one of my skirts. the rest of the light coloured laundry was unharmed.

as it was a particularly stubborn ink, i found it a good excuse to make a skirt. haven't done that for ages and i do have a machine nowadays. so i drew a panel of the (now) old skirt on a newspaper, and copied it. shoved the two panels around on the fabric and tried to make a good mileage. which worked out pretty well: the experienced shop ladies said i'd need 4,5 metres for the circular skirt of cotton voile and i have now 1,75m left.

so yesterday evening i was all ready to piece it all together. then the power went off for the entire evening.
well, at least it's all pinned in place - by candlelight.

window dressing

after a couple of positively hectic weeks it's now time for the snb expo. lys arthur bales have offered us the use of one of their shop windows to promote snb. the other effect obviously being that we hope to attract new knitters, or newly inspired knitters, who will get their gear at the well stocked shop. their aim is to rejuvenate their ageing public. we just want to find new members.

we fill the window with hip and quirky projects. my car is to go nude for some ten days. jayne's solar blanket she made for my daughter will be there. gail made an advent calendar. anything but jerseys, basically. lots of things that radiate the fun of knitting and show it's something you can do during summer.

the three of us are to sit in the shop, knit and be generally available for a bit over a week. note to self: have to ask gail about the schedule later today!

out in the open

so there we are. i'd seen the link to the store but had not noticed that line that says 'view calendar pages'.

this is what we look like all through january. scary huh?
on the left is dave. he doesn't knit, or at least not on his unicycle. but he wears my african bubby in his shirt, and he's kind enough to hold my yarn.

mastermind jayne is to the right, managing to look like a stable person while on stilts. she wears her clapotis and knits on her pomatomii. she's the one who thought all this up and corralled us into participation.

that leaves me in the middle, wearing all sorts of funny bulges in my jeans which i did not dare photoshop out at the last minute for fear of screwing up jayne's win. i'm wearing a t3 shirt and knit on my own pomatomii (which frankly have not progressed since, because i made a couple of horrendous mistakes on that cold winter morning in june). of course both jayne and i wear proper handmade socks too. my husband oversaw composition and made the pics.

so, how are we going to beat this next year??

so close but yet so far

so did i do any knitting lately? i did not. any other crafting? nothing of the sort. the spinning wheel is gathering dust. joris' jersey is literally one row from finishing. only the sleeves need to be set in after that and we're done. bo's orange hat is maybe five rows from finishing. same story, nothing done. every few days i knit one row of the toe of a new sock. or rip it if i don't like it - doesn't matter much for progress.

in other news, daughter is doing great (walking like she's never done anything else), i'm busy acquiring the house we bought, i stood candidate for a committee election last night but wasn't chosen as not enough people present knew me. and where do these other ten thousand things come from that consume any spare time? i have no idea.

jayne's a winner!

tee hee, this is insane - half the world will be staring at me for a month. and especially at jayne. because she thought up a plan for the knitty calendar contest. and talked husband and me plus an unsuspecting friend into executing it. this involved an ungodly hour and wearing as many knitty patterns as we could muster; tea and cake afterwards were a small compensation.

you know what? she won a runner-up prize!! all hail jayne!

btw we can't show the pic for obvious reasons. wait until the calendar is out. it's got something to do with the giant madiba statue on the posh sandton square though.

the end is nigh

joris' jersey just doesn't want to leave me. whatever opportunity turns up with people travelling back and forth, the ice blue boy garment sticks with me. tonight i brought the recipient's parents to the airport. and again, the jersey is not finished.

all there's left to do is half the collar, sewing in the sleeves and the zipper. i spent every available minute knitting. that just weren't too many minutes...

a hat too far

so i was knitting like a madwoman to finish this orange hat. it's for a 3,5 year old, hence has to be much bigger than the hats i made so far. i didn't start until thursday lunchtime and had not knit a stitch on friday. so i found myself in the parking lot, having left the house because the babysitter had arrived. i felt extremely silly. especially because the park guard kept snooping by to check out my intentions.

when it was time to go to the party i wasn't finished. i did have to go though or i'd miss the party entirely; the babysitter had a rather small timeslot. i decided it was a good thing i wasn't quite done, because the closer i got to the end the more i wanted to check whether i'd done it somewhat neat. i have time for that now.
still i didn't like turning up with just a few presents (flowers, book, yawn) but none for her son - especially because she tends to be tremendously generous.