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show stress

there's a craft show to be held at the other side of town and a friend of ours is going to sell her beautiful yarns there. (why isn't there an oddballs page to link to, dana?)

the one who links us all, the marvellous gail, has thought up a beautiful plan. we're going to exhibit a large range of fun and hip projects that make your fingers itch to quickly make one too. they look positively doable and so appealing you want to start one right away. the goal of it all is to attact members to snb joburg. in the process we also advertise our favourite local yarn shop, arthur bales, who have supplied us with all the wool for this plan and some to spare!

so where's the catch? here: the projects still need to be made. we have less than a week.

power to the foot

almost forgot to tell: after a long time of saving money, wading through info darkness and overflow, the final choice still somewhat blindly - i bought a sewing machine. ordered it on saturday, collected it yesterday afternoon.

thing is, i can't sew.
[nor can i get used to saying sow instead of sew]

in the olden days my hip boyfriend and me had a beautiful singer. it worked on manpower. the then-beloved came from a family where everyone made their own clothes. somehow i never dared fiddle and show my beginner techniques.

then i worked for a while on my mum's machine. i can't remember the brand. she got the machine to make my cot decoration... very old indeed. since my mom never gives but just lends, i was better off returning it.

now i've got a ton of little things to be sewn or repaired en i'm really fed up doing it by hand. i have an even larger numer of ideas and knitting is too darn slow to realize all of it.
anyway. it comes with lessons. friday is my first.

process, no progress

so... i didn't finish the jersey yet. i just couldn't. not only due to baby and no time; mostly due to no gusto when there was a bit of time. it will have to be a sinterklaas present after all. (sinterklaas is a sort of local santa claus. but better, of course)

the polkadot baby pants have been ripped back to the waist band. it seems the screech green yarn is a tiny bit thinner than the grape and the magenta. the first polkadot looked really awful. so intarsia is off, it'll have to be embroidered afterwards. not a hobby of mine. but it's the result that counts!

which reminds me of the age old discussion we used to have at snb utrecht. it's probably still going on: do you knit for the process or the result?

i would love to be a process knitter. have been for a while too, knitting away at socks for i didn't know who until they were almost finished. then they were assigned, so i could do the right size. nowadays i just don't have the time nor the patience to do so.

must fi-nish jer-sey

mweh. nothing catches my fancy at the moment. i need to finish joris' ice blue jersey but can't seem to muster the persistence. sad.
also i decided to abandon the festival sock in their current form, as i don't like how they turn out. and really, those two circs are too much like homework! i tried, i really did. six weeks long. but i find myself thinking up new projects for the mere reason that those would be quick travelling knits - instead of this travelling knit. not good. i should discipline myself about that boy's jersey though. must be that the sleeves are on... you guessed it. two circs.
finish it!
finish it!!


my uncle is travelling to the netherlands and kindly asked if he could courier anything. apart from some stuff we put aside to go there it made me realize i could have joris' jersey safely transported instead of having to trust the various postal companies. several books and lots of post have either disappeared for good or just took a loooong holiday on their way here or there, so this is not exactly a very difficult choice.

obviously the jersey wasn't finished yet, due to lack of deadline and the abundance of other ideas. but now that i have one... vrooom! on we go!

little fingers

yippee, i finally managed to log in again! life is not so easy with an internet connection that behaves like a 14k4 modem.

not that there's much progress on anything.
due to little fingers semi-continuously grabbing at my yarn i haven't managed to get much knitting done. when the owner of those is in the play pen i rather spin a bit. very comforting for both of us. i'm working on a beautiful piece of roving, a gift from gerda at m+m wolpost when i bought a large amount of export stash. it's blue and green and everything in between.

unfortunately the stitch and bitch life seems to have come to a temporary standstill. its is a very logical consequence of having just a few people invest lots of effort and relatively very much of their time without much immediate effect as a result. i'm sure it will pick up again later.


quite a feat: sending off two rather large pictures through a faltering internet connection just before the deadline. i postponed it as long as i could, but had to take the chance eventually. i wonder if they ever arrive at the knitty contest!

just before dark

photos you demanded, so here they are. not everything made it to the camera already. that's because i only have my hands free after dark, which makes photographing an ugly affair.

firstly the baby bush pants. a boring knit and the snaps are a drag to sew on. let's focus on happy usage then... at least that yarn from an abandoned project doesn't go to waste. oh i won from that obnoxious non-ball, by the way.

then there are the travelling socks.the ones that were the excuse to buy even more bamboo. um... you didn't hear that. i went there for the needles and the bloomin' snaps.

still on the needles a super fast baby cardigan which somehow never got beyond the back panel yet. it's because i need to pay some attention to what happens next. and that's the one thing i don't have available at the moment! maybe i'd better put another pair of trousers on the needles...


ow ow ow. i'm doing socks on two circs, to just for once do two socks that are actually the same. usually i do lots of inventions and variations on the first sock, forget about them and start sock two. and then wonder endlessly what the bleep i've been up to with that first sock. yeah sure, writing down what i did would help, but after a long standing career in professional writing i currently seem to never have a scrap of paper about when i need it.

anyway. turned out i needed 2,5 and 3mms with this yarn, not 2 and 2,5mm like i actually have available in double circs. so there's the best excuse in the world to call yet again at lys arthur bales. very nice people, good collection of wool, patterns, books and needles - it's a chore to go there but someone has to do it.

turns out their winter sale is still on! ow ow ow. i wasn't prepared for that.
i did remember to take a card of snaps home. i'm tremendously proud of remembering that, as the project is finished and then it's, well, finished. and i forget about it. which is a bit inconvenient if it still needs snaps on the inside legs to actually make it a usable garment.

[whistles silently and innocently about stash enhancement. i couldn't help it, now could i?]

that point

when i took an abandoned project apart i wound the wool with my little ball winder. that should have meant something to me, little ball winder. but no. i was stubborn and decided it could all go on one big ball. sure, sure, no problem - but i shouldn't have used the little ball winder.

the resulting skein was nothing like a ball and while using the yarn (on rikki's baby bush pants), from inside out no less, the ball fell further and further apart. i tugged and unraveled and tugged. until, some ten rows before the end of the project, i couldn't pull my thread anymore. there was no escape. i needed to rewind.

so ever since i've been disentangling and unplucking the tweedy yarn. and now i've reached That Point. you know. the point where you think: i've been doing this for hours. i should just cut the stupid wool. and immediately your conciousness says: no way! i've been doing this for hours! much too late to cut it now. all that work will then be lost.