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not much of a pic though

arja was absolutely right - this crappy pic i hastily took of the finished hederas lived in my phone for almost a week because i was unable to get it online during travels. firstly i forgot the power cable for my powerbook and secondly, after taking the pic i only got to get online on other people's machines. and i won't sync my phone with just anyone, naturellement.

the hederas were swapped for the promise of a proper pic. last time that took about six months in that busy busy household, so don't hold your breath!

even though i notoriously dislike doing the same thing twice there's a good chance of me making the ivy socks again. i liked working the pattern and i liked the end result.


my pumpkin hederas were finished two days ago. the next morning i asked sis in law to fit them, because it seemed a great pattern for her formal wear. she has tremendously high arches and short feet, as opposed to my large and rather flat feet. some adjusting was obviously needed. so she put them on... and they fitted almost perfectly. a tiny bit too large - just enough to provide for washer/dryer shrinkage. all the length i needed was taken up by her height.

so what else could i do? i gave them to her. pumpkin hederas with 30% silk. just fine for the lady.

uneven babies

made a pair of baby socks with some leftover sock yarn of nico's. alas, what's nice for adults is absolutely unfitting for baby clothing: the pattern repeat is too large. the sockies are entirely different. i'll have to make two more to see if that gives more fitting mates.


dear friends,
may i introduce to you...
my louet s10dt.
i bought mine this afternoon and am just *itching* to start working with her. but i'll be a good girl and leave her nicely boxed until i can bring her home.

of course, an hour after paying for her i finally did meet someone who actually owns an ashford and was willing to show me hers. too late.

lots of other stories too, like how i almost ended up in haarlem after all but got pleasantly stuck at the yarn shop. but alas, no time, using someone else's computer and internet connection. some other time!


snb rotterdam rocks! we had a great evening in a wonderful place. to my surprise i met ajour - i never noted where she lives. it was a pleasure! and of course it was downright wonderful to see lies again. we even had the much valued chance of meeting her beloved. keep this one, sweetie! he's a good one.

off to the large yarn shop, the smaller yarn shop and best of all, the spinning wheel factory. gotta run!

snb over the world

snb joburg new style was a blast. both the morning session and the extra evening session. great fun!
now me and my lilac bag are off to some dutch snb sittings. hope to manage to make at least two!

purple pain

just a dark purple thumb nail today. but not happy. i chose mauve for today's dye bath. i was looking for something burgundy-like - any form of dark red. but since that seems to be out of fashion and thus unfindable in the dye rack at the chemist's, mauve was okay too. to my bewilderment the result is much more purple, almost lilac. what happened to all the red i saw in my bucket??

snb joburg tomorrow

whoa, suddenly snb joburg is really taking off!
we'll meet every wednesday, alternating mornings and evenings to accomodate two distinct groups of attendees. tomorrow's session is in mama tembo's café in linden. all are welcome!

this time we start 9:30ish and will stay until at least 1pm. people come and go all the time so feel free to join whenever you can.

i've been checking out the venue today and was pleasantly surprised. it wasn't half as small as i was led to believe, the people were very nice and they are very happy to see us tomorrow. oh and it's new and hip too. great!

one orange hand

...because one of the gloves was a bit old. it must have had a tiny little rupture.

my shorts were stained with red swaziland earth. a good colourant, i couldn't get it off. a white t-shirt that made me look a lot bigger had a tea stain. a kitchen cloth [theedoek] thrown in for good measure. all of them are very orange now.

it's the first time in years that i've been dyeing and i'm quite happy with the results! now on to the handbag (that's a purse, for the overseas people) where all of this started. it's an off white one and of course, usually it's a vague shade of grey and red. dust dust dust. off white is a lousy colour for a handbag.


we're only in the startup phase and already snb joburg has had it's first knitathlon!

gail and jayne and i really wanted to meet but somehow our agendas were unwilling to relent. a threesome seemed impossible in the near future. so j+g met yesterday evening, whilst i was at the theatre, and g+me met this afternoon for lunch, just before the physiotherapist had to be visited.

great fun was had. new people were met. lots of common ground uncovered. waitress caroline, a seamstress, was assimilated. but you already knew that resistance is futile when it comes to public stitching.

the coolest thing was that caroline spontaneously asked for contact numbers. she already liked our get-together when she was serving us and she was absolutely won over when i told her later that gail and i had never met before.

hat and chat

waaah, that was early. the good thing was i did finish the lesotho hat the day before, so i could wear it in the morning cold.

another, and very good, thing was that jayne was able to make it. not new gal gail, alas, so our three-sided curiosity will remain fully intact until we meet!

despite the adversities we had a very nice meetup. i've even been able to defy the popular idea that no good is to be won from work done at a snb meeting. this time i didn't have to redo anything. but maybe that was because what i did during the meeting was frog :) i managed to do all the backwards engineering of the pattern repeat of pomatomus that i messed up a long time ago.

we really should make this a regular thing as soon as we can!

about the hat:
the ribbed (in)side is my favourite (out)side. due to the yarn, it's a two-faced thing. one side of the hat is all girly and purple and light, the other side seems to have gotten all the black and looks much more gloomy.

frankly the hat is a little on the short side. it fits well, but that is only because i set out to make a large one with a big brim. unfortunately i was too lazy to do any maths whatsoever on the effect of decreasing and this found me a bit surprised on how soon you can go from 204 stitches to 5. because i insisted on wearing the hat on saturday i decided not to rip but just to do it differently next time.

i had intended to maybe donate the hat for a prize giving during one of the many events we visited yesterday. but it turned out none of them was suitable for that kind of thing. so i still have the hat. and it matches my hair tints, who'dathought?

knitted breakfast

the quickest and earliest meetup ever arranged: tomorrow morning from 8:15 snb joburg in rivonia mugg&bean. all are welcome!

flash your... anything, really

knitting as often as i can, because the lesotho hat must be finished on saturday. i have been eyed, i have been teased, i have been spoken of whilst kipping during that trip - so at the event the trip leader hosts this weekend i want to at least be able to show that palpable result does come out of this peculiar behaviour.

speaking of knitting in public: this year, world wide kip day is on 10 june. especially for yvonnep (and a couple of other people) there's a button in french too. prettier than the english one of course.

the little sock that couldn't

ha! silly me. thinking it's a good idea to bump my head into the wall twice.

yes, the second try of jaywalkers didn't work out either. again, halfway the leg it wouldn't even fit around my hand. yes, i could have tried again with more stitches. yes, i may be crazy. but no, i'm not stupid.

rrrrrip it went. but what then, out in the lesotho wilderness?

a regular sock, adviced the beloved. yes, the one who thinks everything i put on the needles is for him. including baby socks. so yes, that advice wasn't unbiased.

started the sock. got terribly, terribly bored after half a leg. terribly. really very much.

saw someone wear a hat that didn't suit him at all.
ripped the sock.
started a hat.

it will be my first hat ever. which is funny, having lived in europe for most of my life, and having knitted for most of my life. anyway. it won't be for the beloved... he hates hats.man, it was cold at night. i wore two jerseys, a body warmer and a blanket. and winter has yet to start. so progress was just a few centimeters in five days.