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ends and beginnings

oh how i hate to be right. well not always of course, but as far as knitting premonitions go, yes. so i've sent an email to the yarn shop already... they gave the advice to buy six skeins of yarn for the eldest nephews' jersey. nephew was present, so no excuses there. but yes: i am at least one skein short. dang!

currently i'm not yet at the neck shaping (in the round) and have just 2x 3/4 of a skein left. the yarn on the back panel has just run out. that will leave me with less than 2x 2/3 of a skein, probably 2x half a skein for the sleeves and the finishing. no way that is going to work out obviously.

so it's been put aside for a bit. maybe i'll be luckier with the jerseys for his two brothers? stay tuned and find out!
as from tomorrow we'll be off for five days [house is taken care of, dear criminals] and knitting time will be irregular, in bad light (campfire) and heavy cold (5°c if we're lucky), with mandatory conversation. that would most obviously spoil the hedera, so i'm taking something else.

you'll never guess... yep. especially after jayne's soothing remarks, and with my unrelented aversion of doing yet another straight-ahead self-striping sock, it will be a new try with the jaywalkers. lots of self-striped yarn stash to finish and this looks like a reasonably blank-minded project. courageous, eh? or just persistant?

by the way, in the last post it looks like i forgot to mention saartje - it's her blog that pointed me to making a sock blocker/hanger a while ago. very handy thingy to have a look at what you're doing without putting the sock on and trying peculiar gymnastics to get a proper look.

suppressed silk

this is how hedera is growing. sorry, tacky pun, couldn't resist.

apologies too for the crappy pictures, i didn't have the patience to do it properly. that's because i had been doing a lot of garden photos already (see next-door).

the pattern is really easy. it took me a while to learn to keep things apart - i don't knit much lace - and i think there's an off row in the beginning. but i couldn't quite figure out what i had done wrong and it didn't look badly enough to rip.

found a couple of mistakes in the pattern, but those are now edited.

the yarn, opal silk, is very nice to handle. it doesn't stretch much but we knew that (after the jaywalker disaster). this pattern is quite stretchy, enough to make this yarn work out just fine. i'm absolutely fed up with the stripes... but the silk and the colour made me greedy, so had to accept the stripes. opal doesn't do silk without it. i did buy some plain regia silk later. i like regia way more than opal, the only downside is that regia requires 3mm needles instead of opal's 2,5mm. i tend to prefer smaller needles, it makes the work look better.this is how hedera looks when you do follow the pattern (seeing through two sides of sock).

cold turkey

haven't knit a single stitch in three days now. aaargh! goosebumps all over and i want to take up smoking again - need something to keep the hands busy.
the silly thing is, there's no real reason for it, except that the beloved is tremendously busy (not to say overworked) and i feel guilty doing things for fun, 'doing nothing'.
this is more in my head than in his, so i have some work to do eradicating that!

the price of speed

whilst working on the neverending gusset i found a mistake in the hedera pattern yesterday evening. nothing serious, just the stitch count being off. i had a large amount of gusset to go before i even would get a chance to start doing my own thing instead of being a good girl and following the pattern.

emailed designer cookie about it and this morning (a few hours later, but time difference made me want to sleep in the meantime) i already had an answer. a very friendly one to boot. the mistake had been spotted, it just hadn't been uploaded yet due to vacations @ knitty. (has been done now)

i do remember now why it's better to wait a bit with making a new pattern. however it's also kinda enjoyable to figure out what it should have been, when encountering a mistake. bonus: it lessens the urge to tink with a pattern before you've even knit it.

in this timezone - but eleven hours to the north - poor saartje is suffering a bandwith exceeded blog block. i hope she'll be able to solve this soon. this kind of thing tends to come out costly... dear knitting gods, let this not happen to saartje and her beautiful work!


never a dull moment. the hedera heel is quite boring but the turn came out rather interesting. nothing to do with the pattern - we had a series of power outages last night. several times i had just decided that a candlelight mistake was cause for ripping... lights on. started again... lights off.
picking up the gusset stitches is something for this morning though, as the power went off for several hours after that and even with all outdoor/camping lights i did not want to have to do it all over again.

growing hedera

look see - as long as you can remember whether you were on row 1 or 3 this sock flies. it's not yet thoughtless knitting, but it sure is easy enough to serve as travelling sock.

i'm happy to be working with the opal silk again. it really bothered me that i chose this yarn and had to abandon the previous project. now i'm being soothed again, almost petting the yarn while i work.

ivy bliss

i still haven't mastered the courage to rip the one repeat of pomatomus that has a couple mistakes. or more precise - to pick up all those stitches again. the pattern is a tad too complex to make it easy to retrace whatever was your intention a while ago.

but i like the pattern a lot. so when the new knitty came out, and pomatomus designer cookie thought up a new pattern, i started right off with her hedera. yesterday i had only just enough time to make the cuff, today i started the pattern. during several waiting sessions (meeting, dinner...) i not only found out the pattern had a mistake, i also figured out the solution! man, was i proud of myself.

came home, reloaded the knitty page. it had been corrected already! no prize for my discovery then. but it's a comforting thing to see the patterns are edited so quickly.

the ivy, in the meantime, is bliss again.

the state of affairs

progress seems slow.
i'm not used to knitting jerseys anymore, so i find the size for an eight year old tiresome already! but hey, it's oversized, okay? what doesn't help is that the work is beyond portability now. since outside of the house is where i make the most progress it will take some effort to proceed.

update on the wheel: once again i suffer from good taste. the south african distributor tells me the double joy wheel is the top of the range! we're facing some 750 euros here or 900 us$. ouch. the other models are still classically ugly, but suddenly bear reconsidering. i mean, the kiwi isn't that bad, izzit?
she sent me brochures and stuff, so in two week's time (don't get me started on state services here) i get to gloat all over the paperwork.

finally finished nico's desert socks last week. all joy had disappeared a long time ago, but 1 3/4 sock isn't much good either. you know what happened? he doesn't think they need to be dyed! as far as he's concerned nobody will see more than the instep. and their touch has been totally approved - because they feel nice he just wanted to wear them right away. they've been washed twice already.

material dreams

there's a couple of investments i have been contemplating. one of them is a sewing machine. as the shopkeepers all talk garble and i'm an utter newbie, i've asked snb utrecht for help. indispensible they are.

the second thing is that for a long time now i've been dreaming of taking up spinning again. i used to be rather good... but that was twenty years ago. so far a couple of the reasons not to do it were our relocation, the amount of space a wheel would need and the sheer ugliness of all wheels. [no spindle for me, thanks]

until today. when in the new knitty editor amy singer showed us the ashford joy. drooool!! i want one!

personal radio

have you discovered the knitcast yet? they're usually a one-woman radioshow, made available on their weblogs. no ipod is needed to listen to them, you can just click on the links in their weblogs to activate the player in your computer.

one that i like a lot is cast-on. knittunes is nice, too.
others i'm discovering are knitting news cast; very informative, but rather dry as well. and time2knit is nice, but a tad too heavy on the newbie side. there are lots of others about. sometimes just the theme is enough to know it's not for you, other times the voice isn't to your liking - it's quite hard for a podcaster to please the audience!

what are your favourites?


the other thing that got ripped yesterday are the glorious jaywalkers. glorious because i'm really fond of the pattern effect. and glorious too because they were being made of opal silk.

alas, the pattern doesn't stretch. so i started over and tried the 84 stitches variant for my narrow feet. no luck. i still have to struggle to put them on my foot. and if i had just one certainty in this world it would likely be this: tugging and cursing cannot be the destination of silk yarn.

i left it for a couple of days to think things over. i made a picture.and i frogged.
goodbye silk jaywalkers!


today was finishing day. albeit a bit different from what i intended.
i had accumulated a ton of wips here so i rolled up my t-shirt sleeves and set to work. a bit of dedication and a heap of determination should be very appropriate. now for the results... see this?it is now an official AP. that stands for abandoned project.
all that is left of it is that one lonesome sockie. the other one came to halfway the foot before it was ruthlessly killed. ripped up and rolled up.

why, you ask? because it was doomed from the start. first i forgot the pattern. then i did not have enough yarn. i had to put it aside for over a week - a baby sock, mind you. attached the new yarn today. found immediately something was wrong. but what? right brand, right colourway, though i did feel from the start that is was thinner and lighter coloured...

never distrust your intuition, people. it was different yarn indeed. regia colour, instead of regia colour stretch. that 7% polyamide really makes a difference. almost half a needlesize, difference in colour, the lot.

stubbornly i tried for a bit. and when, halfway the foot, the beloved was able to spot the attachment point right away, i stopped fooling myself. and now there's one lonely baby sock on the notice board above my desk. he almost had a twin.