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baby bull

kevin's baby socks had some difficulty in their conception. or, more bluntly: i ran out of yarn. which isn't smart if you're away from home. the other stupid thing was that i didn't bring the pattern, as i wrote a couple days ago. but that was solved with internet access.

when i met kevin a day later he told a story of legend quality about a paraglide landing gone wrong, him ending up in a meadow with a raging bull. he needed his wife's help to retrieve the glider, and the beast had a go at her before she succeeded in what kevin couldn't pull off. (i'm leaving out the tree climbing and lots of other details for brevity)

a quick calibration told me that she must have been unknowingly pregnant at the time. and that's where my solution surfaced. they don't need socks with a sand and sea theme (regia sylt)... their baby needs red socks! olé!

ice ice baby

ach, i should have turned to the nice people of drops design a lot sooner. if only because they enable searches on gauge. thanks to them and to my knitting friends who sent me there i've finally figured out the correct sizing for an 8yo and started the first of three nephew jerseys.

the yarn calls for 5mm needles and the gauge looked quite ok. however when i get home i'll rip back to the cuff and change to 5,5mm. the work is getting rather stiff. also, the drops pattern calls for 600g yarn of unknown length. i have 500g... so a needle change won't exactly hurt the outcome.

joris chose ice blue and despite my efforts to confuse him he remained determined. so i am in hopes that he will still like it a century later, when i return (as i think four months is eternity to small boys).

zig zag frog

first half leg of jaywalkers already frogged. it doesn't stretch much, this pattern, especially not when you're a tight knitter. so when the first 10 cms/4 ins would not even let my foot in, it was high time to rip it out.

i kept the cuff and followed lies' advice: first round just increases, no decreases until the second round. looking good!

kevin's baby socks will have to wait, sadly he won't be able to take them home on wednesday. i didn't take enough yarn with me! for baby socks! that's what last minute packing leaves you with.


oh dear, i'm suffering from startitis again. though i'm doing rather well this time in keeping things in boundaries.
when the one sock (the pooling desert sock) had to be put on hold i started another, of course. regia tibet in a variation with lots of orange - sorry, haven't the bandwidth today to look it up for you. came home from swazi and decided that that, however, wasn't what i wanted to be working on. yet another straight-ahead self-striping sock would kill me, i'm afraid. can't have that.

pomatomus is on hold because i haven't yet mustered the courage to rip a whole repeat. or more precisely, i need that courage to pick up the stitches after the frogging. just because of the stress i can't take that with me to the next destination either. kevin's baby sock, another newly started petite something, is on it's way but without acces to the web i couldn't continue, as i was too tired to figure out how to properly do the gusset. meaning, i was too tired to make them on the go and then having to start the whole thing anew because i messed up. due to solid inexperience with baby clothing i just haven't a clue. or at least not when tired.

in the meantime i did catch a glimpse of nigel's youngest - so handsome, so handsome - who actually wore the sockies i made him a couple of weeks ago! hopefully they are not "aunties vase" and do they like them enough to use them when i'm not in sight.

anyway. longstoryshort, all this is my excuse for starting jaywalkers. maybe i just need to follow the herd every now and then. i'm treating myself to work with opal seide! mmmmm. 70% virgin wool and 30% silk. colourway 1120 is pumpkinlike... just in time for queen's day, 30 april. or any other day that needs orange.

new soap episode

like josé suggested, the only solution to the horrendous self patterning pattern switch socks is of course to dye them. so i've visited the craft shop a couple of days ago, to find out where one buys textile dye in this country. they had a lot of other ideas and look forward to testing them on the poor sockies. new dye stock will be in in a couple of weeks and i'll keep you posted!

so now i'm finishing the desert socks after all. their name will obviously have to change, but let's see about that after the colour change. good news from martina in the meantime; the yarn will be replaced by the factory.


grump grump grump. surely you all know those evenings where you think - well, i haven't made much progress, but at least i got something done!

i had one of those yesterday. continued tonight, just for a short while. have just found out that i need to frog all that. made a couple of big mistakes yesterday and yes, they show. grmbl.

slow fish

nicely plodding on with pomatomus. it's a slow sock though... it might be because i'm a thrower instead of a picker, but this isn't a sock for the in between stuff. definitely not a travel sock. it is turning out great though.

more games!

for all those who didn't take part in the knitting olympics, for all those who need a return game, for all those in need of a new target... the commonwealth games are about to begin! twelve more days to work yourself into a knitting frenzy. no worries if your country is not actually in the commonwealth. surely there's some sport channel near you dying for meaningful content, happy to broadcast this.

start out with celebrating commonwealth day* with us today, and get your projects ready for the 15th!
here's your competition schedule.

* i confess, i didn't know that either

pattern hunt

owowow, i really need to start those boy pullovers. but that's not easy at all i you haven't a clue about sizing. blegh, it's really boring to do a pattern search if you have to make it fit your plans. all i really want to know is: what's a basic plan for boys of 3, 6 and 8? i'll do the variations myself, thank you very much; i just need the sizes!
once again i've read the entire internet and am still struggling. you know what, i think i'm going to do the s-word and then narrow down the options.

no, not swearing. sighing, yes. but what i meant was... swatching! aaargh!

haven't heard back from martina, so i resent the complaint. maybe she didn't receive it?

frog and linen

so i picked up pomatomus. in january i forged the first repeat because a knitalong was forming. i think, however, that only daniëlle managed to finish them and had a very lonely knitalong. my lame excuse is that i had to go and travel and that pomatomus were not my ideal nobrainer. silly, yes.

anyway, i picked it up last night and knitted another repeat. and made such a mess of it that i eventually frogged all the evening's work. am now back at the same point. however, this time i'll remember what to do... and count a bit more often, just to be sure i do indeed know what i'm doing.

piccies too today. i've been trying to capture what the new linen all-circumstances shirt looks like.this is what it looks like on mewhat the seams and the sleeves look likecuffs and border look like this. i found it in a second treasury of knitting patterns and i'm very happy with how it turned out - even despite the curly edges. but blocking is for sissies, wearing comes first.

can you guess where the knot was?

yucky colour clump

mindless knitting going well, so the desert sock is progressing. during the snb meetup i surprised myself and knitted half a leg! usually i don't have time to knit during meetings, too busy talking...

in that same effort i encountered a knot. apparently that's not opal's exclusive territory and schoeller&stahl can do it as well. and as badly! because now that i've done the other leg half it's clearly visible that the pattern after the knot is entirely different. bad enough in itself. but as accidents never come alone, of course it's a tremendously ugly variation on top of that.

the subtle undiscernible colour variations ('holz' colourway), as shown here in the promo pic, have suddenly teamed together in huge colour clumps. horrendous!
i'll make pics tomorrow in daylight, to share my horror.

great start

the first african snb group was officially born today with a meetup. as far as the participants are concerned it was a great success!

passers-by practised the 'shall i call for straightjackets?' look. mugg&bean personnel mostly found it tremendously intriguing.
we've enjoyed ourselves lots. the 15 year old non-knitting guest wasn't too bored. we intend to spread the word, and to repeat this sometime soon.
that's a good start, innit?

no show

tomorrow we're having the first african snb meet and i'm so in between projects! there's really nothing interesting to bring. well i could at least finish desert sock 1 and start number two, so that i'll actually have some attention span for jayne. this would be unlike the first dutch snb, where i kept quiet to dear lies for quite a while because i kept losing count...

pattern ponderings

linen shirt done, pics to follow. it was made to be suitable for all occasions, so besides the cuff pattern nothing special was worked in, nor was it spiced up despite earlier plans.

i'm quite happy with it and of course i already have a million ideas about what i'd do differently next time. the arms, for starters, or maybe the entire size. the armpits are too deep and while that initial sizing suits my boobs well, the rest of the garment is rather bigger than i am. no mean feat! but really, the next version of anything is better not suited according to breast size. i figured so already and now i'm sure about that.

ps anyone know how come big bosoms are so much in fashion in the western world and no garment nor pattern is ever accomodated to people who really happen to have them?

almost too much of a good thing

sleeves done, collar done, the linen shirt is almost finished. the silly thing is, i now know exactly how much yarn there's left. so i could use all of it to finish the shirt and cover my butt. but now that i've fitted it i don't want to. it would be too long; it looks like i'd better cast off soon. that's really unexpected!

so i'll have one ball left. which is funny, really: i knitted this top down because i was so worried i wouldn't have enough yarn to make it fit properly.