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after the games

the knitting olympics are done, praise to all contestants! i'm back to all the wips i already had and set my mind to actually finishing some things.

the grey linen shirt is first and going well. i was worried about the available amount of yarn; i bought that at a closing-down sale so no chance in hell that i'll ever find more of it. considered doing fancy cuffs but that will limit the use of the garment tremendously, especially because it's set up as an all-occasions shirt. it looks as if it will be enough though. yippee!

the orange winter cardigan is on hold until winter is nearer, mainly because there's only so much double moss stitch one can handle in a month. i had wanted to wear it when visiting wintery europe but now that visit is over and the bag containing the project is saved from british airways' luggage system there's enough time to work on it after more urgent projects are done.

pomatomus sock on hold as well, because of it's non-urgency and the knitalong not coming along. travelling wip desert sock: not much happening there due to extreme boredom! even the cables in the side can't make that any better.

on the 'more urgent' list are three boys' pullovers, that have to be knit before (their) winter is over and/or they grow out of the amount of bought yarn.

more equal than others

this will be a bit of a shocker to arja. firstly that the previous three pairs were similar. aargh! coming from a fervent mismatcher that's quite something. anyway, i'm back in the habit now - these last two are nothing alike. sorry sweetie.

away they went in the post today. hope they get there on time! biba is due on the 7th...

olympic surprises

yesterday's harvest: sockies for abby's unborn first. this child should take a while if all goes well, but for once i'll be on time, eh?

aside from this i read up a bit about the knitting olympics. to my surprise there's a south african team too, so i went to check that out. lo and behold, there i found jayne again! we met online almost a year ago and despite great plans never met in the flesh. this time we're going to do something about that! and i'm going to be ambitious and call it the first african snb meeting. hopla. just like that.

funnily enough she just quit her ambitious project but hey, i never started in the first place. maybe i should sign up now, three days before the end of the games. four pairs of baby socks really does feel as mind numbing as a marathon.

there's lots of other buttons i could place... how about team dpn, the just finish that thing team, the dutch team? well i'd already have to skip the finish-it team i guess, because none of my wips have just quite reached the end yet! another golden opportunity down the drain.

biba's socks

look at this, aren't they just adorable? especially if you imagine the colours even warmer than this crappy picture shows.

baby regia

this is yesterday's pair of baby socks. they are for nigel's baby boy. this regia tibet 4069 looks a lot more hippie classic than i expected. don't you think it says 'goat hair' all over?

anyway. today i'm drooling over regia 4-fädig zansibar 5441. really. that dye combination is so so beautiful.

all three of the gifts go to coloured babies but this one is for a special boy, currently unwilling to leave a special lady's womb. we're all hoping he'll turn out somewhat coffee and that's why these colours will suit him so well.
pics tomorrow as it is already dark.

dropped quarter

suddenly i realized pregnant people won't wait for me to finish other stuff before i start on their presents. and considering mailing times of at least two weeks, it was high time to start on a baby sock frenzy.

i'm using the new yarn i brought from europe. yeah yeah, there's also quite some suitable yarn in the stash. but you must agree with me that this is the best way to swatch a new yarn. right? right. first pair done today in the regia tibet i really wanted to see knit up. two to go.

on air, for now

there's no telling how long it will last this time... but after nine days offline, it looks like we're back on air!

fake rib

after lots of exploring i did find a pattern for the belly part of the travelling dark grey linen shirt. it's a k5 p2 rib with a slip stitch diagonally traversing. when i've proceeded a bit further i'll show a piccie. not much ribbing effect by the way, because linen/cotton is obviously not exactly stretchy. but i think it'll look nice. i hope. 40% shirt to go... i so hope it'll look nice.


bleh, too sick to knit. i'd like to take part in yarn harlot's olympics, re-do this blog's design, knit a whole lot of other projects. but thanks to an off tuna/mayo sandwich on saturday i'm as limp as a wet newspaper. ouch.

snack time

ever met a bored lion, a day before his weekly meal? we did.

as nico's car is still in repair, we took mine to the game park for the first time. the lions were rather nervous because the neighbours were fed today, and they have to wait until tomorrow.

apparently my knitwork smells really good... after we were circled for a bit by a couple of itchy lions this not so gentle man suddenly attacked my spare wheel.i could not see the big hug he gave the wheel, but could guess from the mirror what was going on. we heard a hiss... was it the lion or the car? high time to start the car and move on. he held on for a bit and then finally let go.

the hiss came from the tyre, as we found later at the rest camp. pirellis usually have no holes in the side.


halfway another design moment we experienced a majestic thunderstorm. unsurprisingly we don't have a telephone line anymore, nor an internet connection. out comes the 3g card for the once a day ration. the last two times this happened it took telkom by and about a week to do anything and a bit more to solve the problem.
if you find me quiet... that's why.

design moment

the linen top-down shirt has reached the point where decreasing would be a very good idea. the pattern is meant for bustless types, so i'll have to invent something myself. my current plan is to do some cables. they make a work tighter without decreasing. seems i'll have to design some myself - have you ever found how hard it is to find something like for instance an '8 st wide cable pattern'?

talk tag

co-tiger astrid handed me the talk tag - but until two minutes ago i thought she gave me the speaking curse. just one letter different in dutch...
here goes.

4 jobs i once had
* printing right wing religious magazines (heritage of the retired owner of the printshop)
* assitant in damage lab of the national energy board
* editor in chief of national newspaper
* assembly line magazine packaging for supermarkets

4 films i can't see often enough
* léon
* life of brian (or any other monthy python)
* novecento
* the blues brothers

4 places where i once lived
hahaha, four?!
* dieren, eerbeek, steenwijkerwold, zutphen, ellecom, arnhem, abcoude, amsterdam, hilversum, johannesburg.
* (skipped the many doubles)
* [places i went for a relocation that never materialized: utrecht, nijmegen, abidjan]

4 tv shows
* ummm... tv?

4 books
* american gods, neil gaiman
* alice in wonderland, lewis carroll
* omhoogvaldag, benny lindelauf
* the farseer trilogy, robin hobb

4 concerts
* kowalski
* joe jackson
* i have some vague memories of a velvet underground live tape?
* load out/stay, jackson browne

4 holiday spots i visited
* tenerife
* florida
* thailand
* mombasa
but like the blasé traveller i am, i preferred the non-holiday spots.

4 web sites i visit daily
* bookcrossing
* postcrossing
* my main blog
* news

4 delicacies
* chocolate with orange
* yoghurt (and other dairy)
* seafood
* ex aequo: guacamole, tzatziki

4 places where i'd rather be
* i think i finally am where i want to be! africa rules.

4 bloggers whom i talk tag
difficult, as many people already had the tag.
* hundgestrickte tina
* brechtje
* josé
* guernseygal janine

extreme knitting

it was extremely wet. it was extremely beautiful. a stunning experience. and on top of that i had to knit.

well, i did knit a lot. in between numerous trips to the falls, that is.
at the actual falls it was of course impossible to do any proper stitch... much much much too wet! hence my rather anxious expression (trying to keep looking at camera whilst getting buckets of water in eyes) and my no less crampy handling of the bamboos (dead scared of dropping the sock).

really, finding yourself amidst several rainbows, a shower of spraying water and atop a very steep cliff - even the most hardened knitters wouldn't be tempted to mess up their work right then and there.

and why would you? getting soaked at a world wonder really is an amazing experience. i have no stock options or other interest, but i urge all of you to put a visit to the victoria falls in (safe) zambia high on your list of things to do before you die. because it makes you silly happy. happy silly. lasting broad grin included. promised.