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all back

hey i'm back! for a while it looked like my bags were lost once again, despite the priority tag i received without asking (yippee, i thought, then), but they did end up in my tired clammy hands after all. currently just inbetween knitting, so progress not worth mentioning. am doing well myself, thanks.


started a sockie from the new stash. not because i have a lack of works in progress, of course. just because the current travelling wip is almost out of supply. i had never expected to knit so much on the linen shirt (due to the previously lost bag) and didn't bring enough yarn. because of the circ needle and small bulk it is by far the handiest project to take on board on sunday. that won't be any good if i have to stop for having run out of yarn!
meaning that i'll have to take up something else in the meantime. hence the desert sock. looks like it will be extremely boring to make, so good travelling wip.

swift shout

hi all, i'm doing well, knitted in amsterdam yesterday and in utrecht tonight. not much internet access while on the road, as you may have noticed. kiss kiss!


the bag is back, so the work as well - but of course not even remotely in time for the cardigan to be a part of the special evening. dinner was ok though, much nicer than anticipated.

knitwise, endeavoured a trip to the yarn shop with three nephews. ladies, one advice to take to heart: do not try this at home. in a nice and quiet shop little boys just have to put their marks, vocally and otherwise. to my surprise they chose their yarn quickly and had no second thoughts. i consider that quite special for 5- and 6,5- year olds (the 2,5 year old had a different menu). so auntie has her work cut out for her!


so i travel with the orange and black cardigan in the bulk baggage - it's too heavy for hand bagagge. have been happily knitting away at the nobrainer in the meantime. flew to london. connected to amsterdam. arrived after 15 hours. waited at belt. waited at belt. then heard announcement that all had been unloaded.

went to the office to report missing baggage. of all that's missing - winter coat, toiletries, presents... - i'm most sour about the blerry cardigan. all that work!

in vain

whine! growl!
our trip to mpumalanga was a great success. knitwise too, as i managed to finish almost the entire upper front part of the orange and black cardigan. very proud, as it took a lot of math and measuring. and juggling five skeins and a warm cardigan during tropical rainfall.

then i got home. and finally had the chance to put the middle stitches on a spare thread. which also gave me the opportunity to properly fit.

yup. that's where it all turned out wrong. math ok. measuring ok. stubbornness more than ok.

what happened? well, basically i either overstated my fatness or understated the width of the work. so the arm holes were too far to the front and the back was too wide. grrrrr. had to rip it all back to where it was on friday. and i so want to wear it next saturday!

hidden a-brand

um. the newest hank in the sahara cardigan had a different label. and thus i found out that the welsh yarn i'm working with probably isn't produced by some charming work at home mom, as i had thought. it's nothing less than colinette. most of the skeins apparently re-labeled by the shop for whatever reason. or might that be because several skeins have quite a lot of knots and joins?

deadline junkie

so after starting two new projects it sort of dawned on me that cardigans do not grow spontaneously. if you want to wear one during visits to cold areas, there will have to be some knitting done beforehand. at the time of this major insight i had only done 25% of the sahara cardigan.

i'm leaving next wednesday. tonight i have reached the armholes. of course i also worry about the amount of available yarn.
i wonder if i'll ever finish anything at all without a deadline.

pomo, poma, pomu?

while being irritated over the shirt pattern i jumped at the chance to sink my teeth into the unpronounceable fish. i had been eyeing it from first sight, but wouldn't allow myself to start on it before a couple of other things were finished. and there were other projects vying for my attention as well. then one of my mail groups started this for a knitalong, so the sock won!

i've already done one pattern repeat and i quite like it. one or two rows are like an advanced gymkhana, but that's merely because you've just told the stitches to do the opposite of what you want them to do now. the difficulty lies more in being able to grab the stitch than in comprehending what the idea of the pattern is.

bad penny indeed

started on a nice top down shirt, mostly following the knitty pattern. alas, it contains a mistake and i'll have to start all over again. bad penny says: "k to 1 st before marker, yo, slip marker, k 1, yo".

so i knit until 1st before the marker, do my yo, retrieve the marker from between the next two st and place it one st earlier than where it was. not only is it a nuisance to move the marker all the time; it just doesn't look like the piccies when the knit stitch is the one before the marker. currently, after ten repeats it looks like the infamous drunken spider.

the idea is obviously to knit until the marker and then do the drill. only then will it look like the illustrations given. i thought so right away but hey, why not trust a year-old pattern to be correct(ed)?

so i'm going to frog... that's what you get for finally following a pattern, eh?


bought a lot of stuff at martina's because of the monthly free shipping day. and it has arrived already! i had it sent to friends and will pick it up in a fortnight. woo hoo, christmas is a month later this season ;)

finishing frenzy

it must be the (remaining) spirit of the old year ending: suddenly i'm in this finishing frenzy. as always, i feel the need to start a dozen new projects. and theoretically i could, after the car thing was done. but i want to start a new sock as well, and i just can't allow myself to do so when the old project still lingers. it had a bad press, that one. he can't help it. but it Must Be Finished Now!

new socks, by the way... like the young hairdresser asked the imported woman (me) cautiously: do you get a lot of cold feet here then? no, i smiled. sorry. northern habit, sock knitting. but lots of friends with cold feet over there. this she found recognisable, the hairdresser. her smile broadened and she looked at me with a bit of relief. still weird, but not dangerous, said the subtitling on her forehead.

happy new year

to all visitors: a very happy 2006.
may your yarn be untangled and your stitches even; may your mind be creative and fulfilled.