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finished! for real. tuesday evening the last bit of stitching; yesterday the waterproofing which also made it stain resistant (i hope). because you know, it isn't worth much in yarn value, but i'd hate to do it all over again just because it were sagging after a rain shower.


in size it's pretty close to a sleeveless jersey now. xl. the project is taking much longer than i anticipated. but then again, it all started because the blerry (lokalspeak for bloody) tyre was too big for standard, eh?

after much improvising and fitting and grudgingly knitting a lot more, going back to store for 50% more yarn, today was the first test for finals. and look see...i'm sooo proud.
it does look a bit too much like a table cloth. makes sense, as that is where i found the basis for the pattern. now i will have to design a couple of different patterns. more of the kick ass variety. however i'm not going to knit those anytime soon! there are so very many other things i want to make.

by the way, in real life the colours match a lot better.


it took some wild clicking around to stumble upon it, but what relief! there's a group of crafters who are against pink fluffy girly thingies and take themselves seriously in a very down to earth manner. they are the anticraft.
away with political correctness! away with touchiness! away with blaming everyone but yourself! here come the real people.

how about sensible titles like curse your boyfriend? ah well, maybe you need a somewhat subversive (i.e. non-gregarious) past to appreciate this. or just a somewhat gothic sense of humour.


how time flies - just four weeks left before i fly to europe! where i'll be allowed a great big shopping spree, because it's so very much easier to find nice yarn in europe. and this time i have no idea when i will be back. so i won't have much guilt about stash enhancement.

what should i buy, you reckon?

[click on the pic if you like a poetic expedition story]

math to be done

now that i've reached the edge of the tyre, there's no escaping the redesign bit. the pattern calls for a length of very open work and that's exactly what we can't have on that part of the cover. it would not protect the tyre and it would overstretch the work into ugly shapes. not good.

it's a piece of cake to make pattern repeats for the diamond-shaped parts. but if done correctly regarding the shaping, the number of stitches varies enormously. that would obviously lead to a disfigured circle. not good either. dang, i need to get organized and precise about it! yawn!

as to not be bored while thinking this over, the sahara cardigan received some well deserved attention. have done some kipping with it and received a lot of surreptitious glances, as ever. hopefully they will eventually consider it a normal sight. preferably before i turn 80...


yeah yeah, i know i know, knitting is all about zen and the process. however it would be nice to have a fo every now and then. if only because there are so many other things that are just screaming to be on the ff list (that's for future favourites). so let's get on with it, eh?

meaning i chickened out of self-designing the rest of my first ever lace project. i'm going along with the pattern and hope this will enable me to finish it before the end of the year. something else that counts here is that part of the ordered car mods still haven't been done. i'd like to sort of show off and say that i can make something faster than they can order it. hah.

a star is born

after a rough start with experimental yarn the doily is coming along nicely. better still, i enjoy working on it. and it's all going quite fast, which is a huge motivator.

next up is some thinking. i've come to a point in the pattern where i don't like the rest of it. so i'm going to try and figure out how to realize my vision of the better continuation.

book muse

yippeee, look what i got myself: a lovely book that i'd been eyeing for a while.

silly, isn't it - when i need a computer book or when i don't need yet another work of prose, i dish out the money unblinkingly. but a knitting book has to be Useful before i may buy it. well the good thing is that i did it today. went to the lys with a transparent excuse and when the book was still there i just had to sponsor this shop instead of amazon or kalahari.net.

sure, those are cheaper and their delivery probably would have looked neater than this somewhat fingered copy. but then again, they can't let me browse and feel the book. and get me inspired in the first place by displaying it. no, i feel i must support the lys. just so that they are encouraged to keep stocking this kinda thing, eh?

goooood girl

such a good girl i am: working on two wips instead of starting something new. i'm very proud of myself.

the orange cardigan is very pleasant to work on while watching tv. so i've started watching tv because i want that thing ready when i go into the european cold.

the blue socks seem to be in need of finishing because they aren't a suitable on the road project. in the past week, having picked this up after a long time of neglicence, i've made mistakes twice. i seem to be unable to tell where i am in the simple pattern when i haven't worked on this a while. so i mess up when i do pick it up. let's get it over with then.

pity i don't have an owner to give me a cookie for good behaviour.

yarn hunt

there's a challenge i hadn't anticipated. yeah, about that doily again - the mermaid socks are finished, the blue socks are only for extreme boredom and i picked up the sahara cardigan yesterday evening. mmm, that yarn!
but about that spare wheel cover. first i went to a drapery that has a liiiitle corner with cheapie plastic knitting yarn. just as i fancied one of the availabilities was a thick yarn in shocking orange.

orange is the national colour of the netherlands, so i had thought this would look nicely on my black car. but, ehm... well, to be honest, it would be blatantly vulgar. not cheerful, not sunny, not even african. just vulgar. so there and then i had to decide to do my thing in some natural colour. therefore, next shop.

there's one nearby that tends to have only local yarn, which means they are relatively cheap - well, to me they are - and mostly plastic. this interjection i had overlooked when i told the shop lady about my quest. because in her afrikaans eyes knitting yarn is quite expensive. how to end a conversation without insulting someone by taking their yarn for a project you just announced as having to be of inferior material? you don't.
next shop tomorrow.


back to the special manoeuvres, being the doily annex spare wheel cover. you may remember i chose thatching twine for a yarn; the stuff a roofer would use to assure the thatch remains where it is put. guaranteed wear-resistant and waterproof, therefore well equipped to protect that wheel.

it knits up in a funny way, as i have to apply some force to coerce it into the desired form. gives me sore hand muscles.
the problem is inherent: the work doesn't come out supple. for production that's not a real problem. but the end result doesn't look good. the stitches do not fall into place, like a retarded doggy they remain where they were abandoned without batting an eyelid. just like lucky luke's uncompanion rataplan.

just like rataplan, the thatching twine is now officially abandoned due to ongoing stubborn stupidity. maybe something else one day... but no longer this project. unsuitable.