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[drrrumrrrrollllll] we proudly present to you...: african bubby!
in all my vanity i think he might well be the first bubby to be knit on this continent, so here goes.

the halloween colours are, honest to your favourite deity, a coincidence. what he does show are his roots. have you wondered about that daub of orange on his chest? it's his allegiance to the royal dutch house of orange. or the country that goes with it - viewer's choice.

what bothers me about him is the labrador factor. his arms are so wide open that i suspect him of being everybody's friend. hey wait... wasn't that in his job description?


making eyes at someone - hey, no problem. if you knew how serious i am in matters of love you'd be flabbergasted at how well i can flirt with my eyes. making eyes for someone, now that's a different kettle of fish. i find it tremendously difficult.

currently bubby is in the nip/tuck department and i really have to take care his skin colour will not fade spontaneously... because his facial surgery sure looks like wacko jacko's.

pool time

look! it's not-yet-bubby, hanging out at the poolside. because that's the place to be when they don't have time to finish your limbs. he's been smart enough to retain the tapestry needle, which he currently uses as eyes. so young and already so resourceful!

rumour has it the rest of him will come into being soon. i've also heard that his adoptive caregiver lands tomorrow evening...

staunch little man

hmmm. the bubby pattern calls for smaller needles than the yarn usually needs. this to make a firm fella. in my attempt to be a good girl and to finally adhere to some guidance for once in my life, i chose the smallest workable needles. but now i think i should have been a little less pious. bubby seems to become staunch rather than just firm. he stands by himself even without any stuffing! ah well. better next time.

bubby it is

not so memorable is the yarn that is now being turned into -finally- a bubby. it's black, it's fuzzy, it's in good condition, it's likely quite old. but i haven't a clue what it was in it's former life. it's rolled into a huge big ball (wouldn't do that nowadays) and no label in sight.

never mind. and even though it took me endless - i mean endless - swatching, bubby is becoming nice and cuddly. finally the distraction i was looking for. now if only i could see that double thread better after sunset...

proust sheep

found some brown sheep's wool, spun by me, loooong ago! i remember doing this in a particular house, the one my mum bought after the divorce. it was her old spinning wheel, too. she was quite amazed that it actually worked; the wheel had always been a decoration item. it needed some minor repairs and off i went.
must be at least half a life time ago that i made this yarn. and you know what? it still smells ;)

it's nice to hold it and to ponder what to do with it. it really is a bag full of youth sentiment. for the philosophically inclined - it's exactly like marcel proust's madeleine. and now, somehow, is the first time i actually consider using it. another reason why many, many things were left behind during our relocation, but not my stash.

stashbuster bubby

rummaging around the house. i so want to make a bubby, but he should be made from stash. i'm afraid i have to agree with the beloved on this. rationally, that is.

then again, whenever i plough through the stash, i think it's a waste of material to just make something small of a yarn. because that will mean the rest of the yarn is doomed. i don't exactly look anorectic anymore* and a standard amount of jersey supply will just about do for a short thingy. that's if nothing else is made from part of it, of course.

decisions, decisions. it's hard to let go of the beloved stash! even if it's put to good use.

*(no i've never been anorectic, i just looked very thin and tall in my youth and that wasn't in fashion at the time. a pity, i've been scolded for years for the modern girl's ideal)

heat hiking

i still haven't told you about the hiking socks. well yes, that i finished them, but due to my absence not much more.

i'd been eyeing the cotton/mix yarn during the winter and when i travelled to the netherlands in august i intended to take some with me. the summers here are long and hot, but sometimes you do need to wear socks. last month, during my game ranger training, we wore our sturdy hiking boots almost all day and winter socks are obviously killing in 35°+ (that's 95+ for the metrically challenged).

before i got around to buying any of the stuff my snb-chum annemarie gave me a skein as part of the bread machine swap. she even unwittingly chose the exact brand and colour i had picked!

because they were to be hiking socks, i just had to wear them during my field practical exam. it was quite a stress to finish them on time, leisure time being extremely limited. but i managed, and wore them for luck.

during the assessment circumstances were trying (as in: one of the candidates was taken out with a heat stroke and the rest didn't feel too well either). so i'll have to test in a somewhat less abnormal setting. thing is, you see, that i found the socks quite warm. i even imagined some of my earlier fo's to be better suited for heat discharge. and i would just hate having to resort to specialized commercial socks. those are great socks... but they're not mine.


too bad, i have to give in. i'll spend the remaining time on yet again repairing his favourite opal socks - the factory made a skein full of knots and they come loose during wear. grrrr!

one of the main reasons why the plan blew up is that i just don't have the time. especially after being stuck in traffic today for two full hours longer than anticipated. why oh why did we have to go live in the only part of this vast country that has traffic jams?

chain gang

it's 1 am. scared that i won't make it before he leaves so i finished sock one just now. scared might be a big word. but it wóuld damage my self respect if i were unable to hand him the socks on friday morning! c'mon, i'm still able to do a deadline, right?

nerd help

spent some leisure time this morning checking out the knitty fall surprises and the titbits website. whaddayaknow, just an hour later i run into this breastcancer awareness booth in the mall. very unusual, i had never seen one before. naturally it's always aids awareness here.

anyway, it finally pays to be a nerd. i could tell them about the websites and dished up the url's off the top of my head. south africans tend to be rather prudish, seen from a european viewpoint, so i added that they should at least go there for a good laugh if nothing else. i really do hope it helps people though, aiding them to circumvent the nastiness of non-fitting protheses and all.

forced prefs

hus is leaving the continent this friday, off to cold europe. so i need to speed up on his socks!

just figured out that i don't find that very easy. i'd rather do more sahara. and my fingers itch to start a bubby (as published by knitty) for a friend in europe. but the little fella will have to travel through the mail, it seems...


while our server was being attacked by some fool whose spamrobot blocked all other incoming traffic, i obviously had a bit of time to get some knitting done.

out in the sahara of non-bloggingness i found it appropriate to start on the 'sahara' yarn i bought in the netherlands. two months ago already, how time flies.

i'm doing the basic pattern that came with it, in double moss stitch. the shop lady offered that idea and it's working out really neat. close up it looks a bit chenille (which i don't like) but the sturdiness of the wool and the interesting dye variations prevent it from looking too jordaan. that's eh... hmm, 'tacky' would have to do for now.


hus likes his oncoming socks best because of their semi-camouflage colour. not that we're going military or anything. it's just that doing stuff in game parks works best when dressed in natural colours. so instead of my urge to knit in bright african splurge, i'm suddenly overwhelmed by this greenbrownkhaki nature thang. sheesh.

chattering teeth

just returned from our first ever trip to the kruger park. have decided to knit that winter cardigan now.

it was overcast for two days. sheer luck (or stubborn european preparation) that i always carry a jersey while camping. for weeks on end i had been in 35°plus, celsius that is, and suddenly it was just some 18° in daytime. brrrr. try getting up at daybreak, 5 am, for a three-hour trip in an open truck with nothing between you and the drizzle.

luckily we're back in the thirties now, but i want that cardigan before we're on any next camping trip. oncoming summer or not.


hiking sock finished on sunday, the night before the physical exam. i just had to wear them, and in the end i managed. now off to hike in the kruger park.