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in the end, at that moment when you are done packing for the first time and start throwing out things... i decided to take just one extra pair of sock yarn besides the current (almost half done) hiking socks. just enough to withstand withdrawal symptoms, and i gather i won't have much time anyway. it's said to be a trying course.

see you all back in some three weeks - unless our once a week town allowance lets me find an internet cafe.

picking the unpredictable

tomorrow morning i'm off for 2,5 weeks beating around the bush. what to take with me?

i'll spend a lot of time studying (i'm doing a field guide training), so it can't be too elaborate. and it should be able to withstand the oustide, not-so-clean circumstances. so no white kid silk type of project.

just socks might be boring. while other projects may be disheartening because they won't progress much. hmm...

they are among us

i've seen one today! footloose. joy and astonishment.
in the east rand mall a thirtiesh woman sat behind her muffin stall. some sort of lacey round thingie in her hands and a crochet hook. her white yarn was on a cone in a drawer under the muffins. she looked rather comfortable doing it. having her own personal space must've been helpful i guess.

she didn't seem too keen on contact though. answered my surprise friendly enough, and went in goodbye mode. i wasn't courageous enough to break through it with a chat about my seeking to start a local snb group.
ah well, i'm to be off for some three weeks, so that's not much help either.

poor half-wit

knitting in public has a long way to go in south africa. or at least in the business province, gauteng. i keep getting these pitying looks!

no more circ socks

whoa, it's taken me a million years to make the cuffs of the hiking socks. i really need to urgently find me a set of 2mm dpns. all i have now are 2mm circs and sockwise they are driving me crazy. up the wall.

sometimes the knit does get in a careful rhythm, soon to be spoiled by more tangled threads. not just near the skein; preferrably between the needles. other than that, both the needles and the beginning project seem just too small for this procedure.

the sherman heel and i may have become friends after a rough start - the 2 socks on 2 circs procedure will not become dear to me. ever. believe me, i tried. and tried hard. on numerous occasions have i struggled and prayed for this to finally become some sort of a trusted set of movements. if only because of a lack of alternative options.

but now i've sorted it all out. in fact, i think all circs should stay well away from any sock. so there.


not much to tell, knittingwise. progress on the two circs is mightily slow and not helped by my lack of time. so little of that, in fact, that i haven't dared set up the second chutes 'n ladders sock yet. too scared i won't know what i intended to be doing after the unavoidable putting it aside halfway the toe.

and those ideas in my head keep coming... a skirt, two tops, etcetera, and so on.

first findings

two socks on two circs, it took me a bit to get used to it. but let's be honest: you're not making much progress if you don't have time to knit. which makes it silly to complain about slowness, eh?

a couple of findings. i knew beforehand that doing this with one ball of yarn wouldn't make it any easier. and yes, that turns out to be all true. it might be complex having two balls. but having just one gives infinitely better chances for entanglement, i tell you.

and something else that just dawned on me after an hour or so. arja, queen of similarity, close your eyes dear.
if you use just one ball... the second thread will be used backwards. the second sock will have it's striping opposite to the other! blatantly obvious come to think about it. but i really did not realize that until the third row.

my 2mm circs are just 40cm long and for me that's a bit short. i saw this recommended somewhere in a blog, but i'm quite happy that my 2,5mms are longer. that will make the largest part of the socks easier than the cuff, i hope.

simultaneous socks

overwhelmed by choice and lack of time i made a safe start - a sock of course. a pair of socks, even, for these are the first to be made together. as i don't have a magic loop two 2mm circs it is.

annemarie bought me interesting material as a swap for a bread making machine. she chose the exact same yarn that i had been making a mental note ("buy before leave") of a couple of days earlier!

it's lana grossa meilenweit in the summer variety, with 45% cotton. i'm really looking forward to how it knits up. so far, the socks look more interesting than the yarn. which is good; i've seen it the other way around quite more often (find an exciting looking yarn, start knitting, get bored after half a sock...)

socko finito

so here they are, the freshly cuffed socks. firstly the chutes&ladders from the previous sixsix knitalong. took me forever to make.

not because of the pattern, which is fairly easy and no strain to remember, but because it was my first upside down sock and i had no clue as to sizing. i thought i did nicely by copying from a normal (cuff down) sock, but alas. frogging galore. and my first sherman heel wasn't a big success either. had to redo it twice. it wasn't brilliant after the third time, but i had had it.

despite all that i thought the patterning of these opal lollipops would be best served with a similar heel. joy and wonder: it came out beautifully. without cursing. the only thing i forgot was to strengthen the heel. ah well, better next time.

cuff cuff

cuff night! i had been stealing time to finish the lollipop nobrainer. they were almost almost done, had been since sunday and i really wanted to finish them.

so the needles became available once again for the cnl sock. on comparing sizes i discovered the dark blue was ready to be finished as well. lo and behold, the first sock is done... it's been a long long time since a project took that much effort. swiftly on to the second sock then, before i give up after all.

so now i hope to restrain myself and not start fifteen projects simultaneously tomorrow morning. they'd be doomed to perish.
sweet dreams, though: what to start? and how?

creative mood

apparently i have had some rest (when was that?). or i'm just so happy to be home again - more likely. anyhow, i'm in a tremendously creative mood and think up one new project after another.

so far, i've invented three different types of socks, two sweaters for the husband, six bags and baskets, three jumpers for me and one and a half cardigan. all in just two days. in previous weeks i thought more of standard type knitting for beloved people. that's a long list too.

maybe i really should follow my mum's idea and start a hand knitting industry here ;) i'll never have time to produce everything i design.