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needle change

tedious to once again change needles on all projects. but if i don't i am to be classified as a terrorist.

so the socks that are almost almost done can't be finished. they have to travel in the luggage, because the cuff needles are metal and i can't use those. the not-so-exciting project gets the bamboo needles, in dear hopes the cable needle will once again be deemed harmless. if all goes wrong there's the new project skein, that will need the same bamboos.

i used to travel klm, where i now know what to expect, but this time it's ba. and heathrow. let's see what they do. i'm fully prepared!


oh, have i been wanting to start on the newly acquired wool. but i don't have time to find the right needles! i do have the proper size at home, so i don't want to buy the regular length. later on i decided i'd rather take a couple of extra long circs with me from europe.

due to my running around without dedicated stops at the right places, chances are that i'll have to order them later on. found a couple of sewing shops, but they sported no more than the regular basics.

lots of sock knitting on friday, in public transport. none since.


i readily admit these pictures don't do the colours any right whatsoever. but you do get an idea, eh?

the top one is called sahara and it's dark oranges and browns, a bit of black, a hinge of green. the bottom one is heatherish seaish and sports turquoise, heather purple, light greens and whatnot.

yesterday mom and i found the time for an unexpected yarn hunt at de schapekop in the tiny town of nieuwpoort. we were hungry and thirsty travellers, so they put mom in the sun on a pretty bench with coffee and cookies whilst i raided the shop.

i really recommend a visit; the people were tremendously nice, very helpful and still managed to give me all freedom to rummage around. on checking out they found out the last skein had been cut up for making colour samples... they put it in for free.

beforehand i had set my mind on a wool/silk combi but eventually i chose yarns that are exclusive to this shop. the noros batted there eyelashes at me, but they can be ordered online, later. also, the ones i picked had been sold just the day before; my chosen colour wasn't in stock. good, because it made choosing a bit easier.

these skeins come from wales and the 100% wool is called skye. as my husband fancies malt whisky from the skye region, i felt i had to follow suit...

stitch 'n bitch, differently

the weekend's guest home was a very good place for knitting. we had a lot to tell each other and the nobrainer socks have gained well. i hope to finish them before i leave. but i'm back in the netherlands now, so there's not much spare time.

new snb

three knitting meetups in a week and it's still fun!
yesterday we kicked off the zutphen snb. we were lucky with a great evening, nice and warm; seats outside and when it darkened we found out we had chosen our spots right under the street lantern :)

it was a very pleasant evening. and zutphen was the exact right town for the meeting as we came from three different directions and had each travelled by and about the same distance. hopefully we'll do it again next week. that would make it easier for the emerging group to go on.

circ circ circ

[sounds very much like the muppets' swedish chef!]
knitwise i've just bought two small circs (at the beekberger wolhal - and nothing else yet because i'd like to do the shopping with sis in law). i've seen, heard and read about knitting two socks simultanuously and would love to try that. as i didn't bring any 2mm dpn's i've started doing the (one) cuff of the opal lollipop toe up with two circs for testing.

so far i think it's ok. it works a bit slow though. i'm much, much faster on dpn's and i'm not sure practice will solve this. it will work with two socks together if i can keep track where i am... i do see a risk of forgetting which sock should go first after picking up.

myths and the sordid truth

had i still been a regular visitor of the utrecht snb group, i would have proposed a different venue. the staff at springhaver foyer has never been helpful nor friendly, but over the last months they have reached new heights in customer avoidance. they flat out refuse to serve drinks, the cook has left two hours early because he gathered no one would need him, when you go and collect drinks at the bar and leave a written list they still manage to forget half of it, i could go on and on.

despite all this, the meeting was a success. arja came out once again (yippee) and i finally got to meet jonna. jonna and i deemed each other almost mythical because we've seen each others names around the web for years and years but had never actually met. a pleasant first!

meetup time

had a brilliant meeting at snb amsterdam yesterday evening. quite a turnout and everybody i really longed to see was there, train problems or not. pity that it was only some two hours. but who can resist being fed by a close friend (beforehand)?

tonight it's snb utrecht. im a bit less attached to that group - just not that pioneering feeling we had in amsterdam, i guess - but it's still fun enough to skip dinner and drive 80 kms one way yet again...

extreme knitting

for those of you who knit in public: there's an interesting contest going on (has been on for a while, but i didn't find out until today).

it's about extreme knitting: to knit where no (wo)man has knit before. somehow i don't think my entry about knitting in business class will fit in.

entries are apparently to be seen in the main section of knittinglibran's blog. hmmm, maybe that airplane thing does fit in after all. entries are still welcome!

old fashioned variety

in apeldoorn centre i encountered a crafts shop and decided to go ask for a yarn shop. the directions pointed to a suburb and the shop were to look like an ordinary house. since the friendly craftsperson didn't know the exact location i asked if i'd have to go door by door to find them? no, it did look like a shop if only you looked well enough. hmm.

a thunderstorm broke loose when i parked my car (at first i thought i had hit something!). i entered and passed the scrapbooking section. and then... my mouth fell open. it must have been twenty years since i wandered around in so much choice, so many magazines, an entire wall of sock choice, a ton of colours and yarn types from 100% plastic to many naturals.

it overwhelmed me so that i was unable to choose. i left with a heap of ideas and the firm intention to come back very soon.

biz kip

received an upgrade to business class, which is very pleasant on an 11 hour flight. even if it's a night flight. bet they don't see too much knitting in public there ;)

(no) stash enhancement

the buying binge is about to start... or is it?
i am to arrive in europe tomorrow. won't have time in the first days though. and i don't care much. the stash at home is big enough as it is and i am firmly resolved not to buy anything that i can't think up a project for. no more "nice stuff we'll see eventually".

haven't ordered anything in advance either - buying over the net is something i can do from home anytime. the current trip is all about touchy feely!


if it weren't for the nobrainyness maybe all i would make in public were self-striping socks. it's great to be admired so easily, tee hee. it happened again yesterday evening. luckily this time it wasn't admiration for skills i didn't display but just joy at the festiveness of the result.

last week at the hairdresser's one of the girls even asked if she could hold my wip for a while. in surprise i agreed. she didn't start knitting but took it all the way over to their break table just to show it to the others ;)

nobrainer needed

tried it again today, to have a conversation whilst trying to figure out in what row of the cnl sock i had left off. no, for the moment it's not a good on the road sock. i'm only happy with it when i'm on my own. so here goes: a new sock on the needles. upside down, because that seems nicer with this yarn.

beyond the web there's always email

a different form of withdrawal: i had some trouble accessing yahoogroups. which is agonizing on the day sixsox present their new pattern... luckily the efficient and lovely guernseygal saved my butt and volunteered to send me the pdf by mail. thanks dear! ofcourse i don't have time to start them, but it's a relief to have the cat survive. [breathe, breeeeathe...]


after all the grumbling maybe it's time to contemplate why the lack of progress bothers me so much. for one thing, it bears way too much resemblance with our relocation process. a lot of things we want are not yet possible and that's endlessly frustrating.

just to state the difference; normally i'm happily knitting away sock after sock after sock. so now that i'm doing something entirely different, i can't stand missing my rhythm. learning something new is good and high time, but i'm suffering zen withdrawal symptoms!

i've been thinking about setting up a simple sock and maybe i should do just that. haven't done it so far because i didn't want to add yet another unfinished something to this household. but for therapeutic reasons it might be a good idea...